RAGU So the recipe is easy: ingredients: carrots sticks of celery onions passata minc ed beef and/or minced pork

(non too fat) some laurel leaves extra virgin olive o il salt pepper red wine, dry 1 chop the onions, the celery the carrots, put them aside 2 put some oil in a po t, not too much, you're not deep frying anything 3 put the pot on the flame (the flame shouldn't be too strong) 4 when it's hot (but not too hot) put the choppe d onions with a little bit of salt 5 when the onions have cooked a bit add some carrot (not too much) and the celery (not too much too) 6 when they are cooked p ut the miced beef, (but the best option would be putting a half minced beef and a half minced pork) 7 when the minced meat is not pink anymore ad the passata an d pepper (a lot of pepper) and more salt 8 after some time pour a glass of wine (i would say a not too big one per package of meat) and add the leaf (or leaves, depending on size) of laurus 9 let it cook as long as possible, for a good ragù i would say 4 hours at least REMBER: don't put the passata first, the fire shouldn't be too strong (above all l from when you put the meat in, otherwise you'll burn it) PULL THE LAURUS LEAVE S AWAY WHEN IS READY

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