The foundation of modern education system in India was laid by The charter Act of 1813 Macaulay’s Minutes of 1835 The Hunter Commission of 1882 Wood’s Despatch of 1854 Which of the following qualities of a teacher will be liked most by you ? (A) Idealistic philosophy (B) Compassion (C) Discipline (D) Entertaining Which of the following is the apex body in the area of Teacher Education in India ? UGC MHRD NCTE NCERT Who has signed MOU for accreditation of Teacher Education Institution in India? NAAC and UGC NCTE and NAAC UGC and NCTE None of the above The most important challenge for a teacher is To maintain the discipline in the classroom To make students do their homework To prepare the question bank To make teaching process enjoyable University Education Commission constituted in 1948 was appointed by Ministry of Human Resource Development Ministry of Education NCERT ICSSR World academic ranking for university is carried by Times higher education supplement and Shanghai Consultancy

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