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Published by Akib Zabed Washak
A presentation about Banbglalink
A presentation about Banbglalink

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Published by: Akib Zabed Washak on Jul 25, 2013
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Welcome To A Session On

Marketing Plan of Banglalink

Group Name: Quarry
Group Members: Rezaul Karim Chowdhury ID: 08410012 Sharmin Zaman ID: 08410023 Utpal Sharker ID: 07510042 Towhiduzzaman ID: 07410058 Md. Sirajul Islam ID: 08510128 S.M. Imran Hossain ID: 08410018

For the promotional sector banglalink presents itself as an icon to the other companies. As a result people from various societies can get the facilities of cellular company.Introduction ► Banglalink is one of the leading cellular companies in Bangladesh. The company sets the price effectively. Effective segmentation and target market strategy it easily goes to the knock of the people by introducing various package for the customers. . Within a very short time it spreads its network coverage and maintains an indirect distribution channel to reach the consumers. Within one year of launching it has become one of the leading cellular companies by its effective marketing mix. It starts its operation since 2000.

♦To identify the factors influencing on the marketing plan of the company. . ♦To find out the strategies need to implement for achieving its long term goal.Objectives of the Study: ► The objectives of this paper are as follows: ► ♦Provide an overview of the banglalink ♦To evaluate the marketing plan of the banglalink.

Sources and Data ► The study was conducted based on both primary and secondary data. The sources of those data are stated below:  Primary Source  Secondary Source .

which has been providing Global Service of Mobile (GSM) in the country since 1998.Background ► Banglalink is new brand name of Shebaworld (019). . Orascom Telecom bought 100% share of Sheba Telecom and gave its new name as Banglalink aiming to provide quality service in Bangladesh.

Engineering d. Billing and IT . Customer Care c. Human Resources f.Functional Department ► Banglalink has the following functional departments a. Sales and Marketing b. Finance e.

Banglalink now offering different packages for the customers but at the begging year they offered packages as well as different mobile sets for the customer. .Marketing Plan ► Situation Analysis Banglalink have started its first operation in Bangladesh in 2005. The products have been well received and the marketing is the key to the development of its brand image as well as the growth of the customer base.

Market Summary Banglalink posse’s good information about the market knows a great deal about the common attributes of the most valued customer. Before launching its experienced and prompt sell and marketing force observed the market carefully and better understood who is served. .► a. what is their specific needs and the way to communicate with the customers need and demand.

► b.Skilled worker .Expert marketing people .Capability to finance ► Strength: .Well management capability .Existing Channel .Company image . SWOT analysis: .

Short of sales people .Lack of experience .► Weakness: .

Availability of raw materials .New products idea .Bankable project .Low price of raw materials .► Opportunity: .Large market .

Extortion and rising crimes .► Threats: .New competitors .Political unrest .

Citycell was the first to start telecommunication business in Bangladesh in 1989. Banglalink made the history by inviting variety of services at a very cheaper rate. The service charge was great but the facilities were few.► c. Competitors banglalink made a revelation in the telecommunication sector. • GrameenPhone • Robi • Banglalink • Teletalk • Warid Telecom . GP and Robi started their business from 1997 & 1998.

Banglalink is the main competitor in the mobile market. as the following figure shows the market share of banglalink in the telecommunication market . The market research also concludes that although banglalink is not the market leader in telecommunication market. they are the Market Challenger.GrmeenPhone is the leader of the mobile market but banglalink is the second biggest company in Bangladesh.


They are ►Pre-paid Packages ►Post-paid Packages .Package ► Banglalink has got different type of customer oriented packages for the customers. Banglalink mainly two types of packages.

prepaid gives you the freedom to use your mobile within your budget. The products. . banglalink prepaid has network mobility feature which helps a subscriber to move around where banglalink has its coverage. it is an excellent way to control your expenditure.Pre-paid packages ► Prepaid is a system where you pay for your phone calls in advance.

► banglalink offers you the following prepaid products to suit your usage pattern: · banglalink desh · banglalink desh ek rate · banglalink desh ekrate darun · banglalink desh rangdhanu · banglalink desh 7fnf .

we understand that your needs and usage patterns are unique.Post-paid packages ► At banglalink. this is why we believe in giving you choices so you can pick what you need rather than offering you the same solution as everyone else. our banglalink postpaid packages are tailored to serve your exact purposes and give you the best value for money. .

banglalink post-paid .► Banglalink offers three post-paid packages .banglalink sme .banglalink business .

customer focused products and to be the benchmark for customer service excellence. .Marketing Strategy ► a. Banglalink mission is to provide clear and smooth telecommunication to the customers and make the banglalink services available to all part of Bangladesh. Mission To deliver innovative.

=> Hold a strong market position within few years.► b. . => Achieve a steady increase in market penetration. Marketing Objective =>Maintain strong and positive growth.

and too varied in their needs and buying practices. Buyers are too numerous. . too widely scattered.► c. Target Market Organization that sells to consumer and business markets cannot appeal to all buyers in those markets or at least not to all buyers in the same way.

gender literacy level. . from Teknuff to Tetulia regardless to race. from lower-middle class to upper-upper. religion.► Incase of BANGLALINK. from teenager to any age group. life style or personality any and every single person who is in need of a telephone line backed with affordability spend the expense of possessing a mobile phone is their target market.

► d. . it must decide what positions it want to occupy a clear distinctive and desirable place relative to competing products in the mind of target customers. Market positioning: After the company has decided which market segment to enter with which product. The company’s entire marketing program should support the chosen positioning strategy.

As a result they try to make the packages available as many outlets and retailers as possible.Distribution ► banglalink doesn’t sell its packages directly to its customer. The distribution network of banglalink is as follows . Consumers can get the package through them. Banglalink always wants to sell its products as many as they can. It appoints dealer for sell. Through the dealers the packages are distributed to the customers. Rather it maintains an indirect distribution channel for the customer.

Banglalink Dealers (through out the country) Retailers Unlimited Consumers .

It was done because of the right decision and proper marketing policy of the company. The marketing plan of the company has proven right for the organization because it’s spreading its business gradually.Conclusion: ► Banglalink as a novice cellular company has improved its condition within a very short time. .

► But still it’s not the biggest cellular company in the country. . TO be the market leader banglalink must be very careful in the field of marketing plan and the success of the company is a matter of subject that how they are implementing the plan. GP is the leader in the market and banglalink has got lot of aspect to improve the situation.

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