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How safe is YOUR sex?

Myth, back-up methods, and general preparedness for the road ahead

What statistic do you want to be?

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Over 7% of students under the age of 13 have already experienced sexual intercourse 46.7% of 9-12th graders have begun having sexual intercourse 63% of students under the age of 18 years reported using a condom with their last sexual experience BUT 54% of pregnancies that occur were couple that WERE using contraception

Myths of Contraception

You can get pregnant even if it is just one time or the very first time You can get pregnant even if its just a little sex only for a minute If you do not use a condom for protection you can still get an STD in your throat and mouth that you will have to get treated You can still get pregnant even if you do not engage in penetration sex but still have genital on genital contact

Myths of contraception continued

Withdrawal or pulling out before the man ejaculates is NOT an effective form of contraception Douching, showering, bathing, or urinating after sex is not effective contraception ( douching after sex may actually increase your risk of becoming pregnant!) A woman can still get pregnant having sex even if she is on her period (sperm can live for 72 hours inside of a woman, so if ovulation occurs within 5 days she will become pregnant)

How well do you know YOUR body? -Female reproductive system-

How well do you know YOUR body? -Male Reproductive Systems-

Female Related Health Concerns


Tract infections Vaginal Infections Toxic Shock Syndrome

Urinary tract infections:


progress to: -Urethra -Bladder -Kidneys=> SEVERE illness

**PREVENTION: o Both partners wash their hands and genitals before AND after sex o Using sexual positions during intercourse that cause less friction against her urethra o Using water-soluble lubricants rather than petroleum jelly based lubricants

Vaginal Infections:
Vaginitis Yeast infections Bacterial infections STD infections Toxic Shock Syndrome

*VERY important to treat!

Inflammation=> cervical cell changes and potentially CANCER

Prevention for Vaginal Infections


The following are preventative steps to help prevent SOME vaginal infections from occurring Eat a well balanced diet low in sugar and refined carbohydrates Maintain general good health with adequate sleep, exercise, and emotional release Use good hygiene, including A) bathing regularly with mild soap; B) wiping from front to back, vulva to anus, after urinating or having bowel movements; C) wearing clean cotton underpants (nylon holds in heat and moisture that encourage bacterial growth); D) Avoiding the use of feminine hygiene sprays and douching, colored toilet paper, bubble bath, and other peoples washcloths or towels to wash or wipe our genitals; and E) ensuring that your sexual partner's hands and genitals are clean before



Toxic Shock Syndrome

Menstruating women are at risk for a life threatening infection called TSS The toxin is produced by the bacteria in the blood and can progress rapidly to severe infection and death. The following are symptoms produced by the toxin:

fever, sore throat, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, red skin flush, dizziness, and low blood pressure

**Any woman experiencing these symptoms should seek medical assistance immediately!

Male related health concerns


Eczema-like condition ( weepy and sore) Penile tissue destruction Penile fractures Penile cancer Testicular cancer Diseases of the prostate

How ready are you for sex?


you communicate your needs to another? Are comfortable are you with firmly discussing the necessity of birth control? What would you say if your partner didnt want to use protection? Are you willing to go see a doctor about birth control options? Can you express intimate personal feelings with your partner? Can you handle having and expressing those feeling and not having them

OH One more thing

Before you begin having sex after you have made the decision that you are ready to do so, it is very important that you find an educated adult whom you trust that you can feel comfortable bringing you questions to. This person can be a great resource to you for many of the complicated issues relating to sex that you will encounter. Having this person could prevent you from making a life altering mistake or just an embarrassing sexual faux pas.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Chancroid Chlamydia Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Genital Warts Gonorrhea Hepatitis B Herpes STDs HIV and AIDShave OFTEN no signs or symptoms

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Intestinal parasites Molluscum Contagiousum Pelvic inflammatory Disease (PID) Pubic Lice (Crabs) Scabies IF you are engaging Syphilis in sex you need to tested regularly be trichomoniasis

Deciding on a contraception type

The following are the categories for different approaches to contraception:

Hormone-based methods Barrier and spermicide methods Non-hormonal IUD Sterilization Fertility awareness methods

Hormone-Based methods

Estrogen-progestin pills, including Seasonale Progestin-only pills Vaginal ring (Nuva Ring) Skin Patch (ortho Evra) Depo-Provera injection Lunelle Implanon Progestin IUD Mirena IUD

Barrier and Sperimicide Methods

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Male condoms Female condoms Vaginal Spermicides Cervical Barrier methods with spermicide -Diaphragm with spermicide -Cervical caps -if the woman has been pregnant
-if the woman has NOT been pregnant

-if the woman has been pregnant -it the woman has NOT been pregnant

-Fem Cap

Non Hormonal IUD


Tubal sterilization (females) Vasactomy (males)

Fertility Awareness
This method of birth control is for those who are very comfortable and body aware
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Standard days method Rhythm, calendar, basal temperature, and cervical mucous

*This is a natural form of family planning and is not recommended for beginner contraception*

Whos responsibility is it to make sure that you are engaging in safe and protected sex?

It is up to the female to be effective in obtaining consistent contraception It is the males responsibility to insist on condom use every time and to be assertive

!!! BACK-UP!!
Methods to increase contraceptive effectiveness Using a back up method is the most responsible way to have safe sex!
Suggestions for when back-up would be necessary to ensure protection:
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During the first cycle of the pill For the remainder of the cycle, after forgetting to take two or more birth control pills or after several days of diarrhea or vomiting while on the pill The first month after changing to a new brand of pills When taking medications such as antibiotics, that reduce the effectiveness from the pill During the initial 1-3 months after IUD insertion When first learning to use a new method of birth control When the couple wants to increase the effectiveness of

How would sex effect YOUR life?

Discussion question #1

Image and performance anxiety:

We are bombarded with how our bodies should look and function. With so much emphasis on breast size, penis size, toned muscles, slim in the right spots, but rounded in others, no hair in the wrong places and lasting longer. it is a surprise that many people have sexual performance anxiety? How does body image impact sexual enjoyment and

Discussion Question #2
Intersexuals: Consider

the current debate about what treatment, if any, should be given to intersexed individuals. Some believe it is best to assign sex shortly after birth, performing genital surgery if necessary, so that every child fits a male of female standard model rather than remaining ambiguous. Others advocate for the right of intersexuals to be free from having to choose one sex or the other and, especially,