Take Home Message No right or wrong way to keep a Lab notebook.

What should go in the Notebook and How much should I write? One should be able to write s Lab report with the Notebook One should spend an hour writing in the notebook Anyone should be able to reproduce the experiment The lab mentor has the final say. Why Should I Keep a Lab Notebook? Human memory is not perfect Reproducibility Writing can help you solve a problem To encourage thinking and problem solving. To provide information to a person who is interested in continuing your research project. To be like Bill Gates (rich) Because you mentor said so What should I use as a Lab Notebook? Purchase a notebook that is stiiched Outside of Notebook Name and year, name of project, contact info How to maintain a lab notebook? Page numbers, 1,2 pages for table of contents, ?, if you make a mistake, slighltly place an X. Make a note of the mistake to show where the correction is. What should go into your notebook?

Include detailed notes on all discussions and thoughts on the experimental goals. Record names of people providing assistace. Include detailed experimental protocols that could be easily followed by another researcher. blurry images letters home. Make drawings When making spreadsheets. temperature. reagents. you might paste “miniaturized” versions of relevant passages directly into your notebook.Don’t go anywhere without your notebook. Because some information might come via email from online sources. use glue. You may want to include important journals. . Delete all uneeded data files. At the conclusion of the experiment write or print out a full directory of all files contained on your hard drive. Provide full justification if all experimental details (chamber pressure. Do not use staples or tape. Write units Record material details such as contact information from vendors. reference them on notebook or print out the sheet and place it in notebook. etc). Record equipment details. etc What is the take home message? No right or wrong way to keep a lab notebook.