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Project for CAA 120 Culinary Fundamentals

Chef Wadsworth T & TH AM Yaminah Andrews

Day 1: Lecture and Demo

We discussed, policy, procedures, braise, stewing and frying. Chef then did a demo of Pilaf and Risotto. After watching Chef complete his dishes and tasting them, we then went into production of them.

We were to use mince onion, fortified butter and the quart pots for the production after being placed in pairs of two. I worked with Aurora and both of our dishes came out wonderfully. We learned the for the pilaf it was a 2:1 stock to rice and for the risotto it used arborio rice and was a 4:1 ratio.

Pilaf Production
Each group was responsible to produce a rice pilaf using the steps given by Chef Wadsworth. With our pilaf we were able to add the entire contents of the liquid at the 2:1 ratio. Our rice came out really good.

Risotto Production
Second was the risotto production . The key to the dish was making sure that we only added 6oz of stock at a time to ensure that the rice would break down. We added the stock at a 4:1 ratio fully added. It came out really creamy and good and we didnt even need the white pepper and salt.

Day 2: Stews, Braises and Fry

Today we were assigned which type of production based off the table we were at. The first table had the stews, the second completed braises and the third made a variety of fried foods. I worked with Greg today and we made the Irish Stew for our production. Greg cut all the lamb while I diced every vegetable in to bite size pieces. We didnt have to sear the lamb because the boil seared it for us during the cooking process. Near the last 30minutes of the dish, I cooked a risotto to go with the stews for the whole front table. Again it came out really nice. We had a big feast at the end of the day and we shared our dishes with other classes.

Risotto and Irish Stew

Class Feast of Methods