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Winchester Model 21


Winchester Model 21
Winchester Model 21
Type Place of origin Shotgun
 United States

Production history
Manufacturer Winchester Produced Number built 1930-1961 30,000

Cartridge Feed system 12, 16, 20, 28 gauge, and .410 bore Manual, break open action

The Winchester Model 21 is a Double-barreled shotgun that was produced from 1931 to 1960, and on a custom-order basis until 1993, with production continuing under license to Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company. It is not semi-automatic or pump-action. It is loaded manually by lifting up the barrel and loading the shells at the breech. This is called a break or hinge action. Like all quality doubles, production was time-consuming due to the laborious process of fitting the barrels to have an identical aim-point. The model 21 came in 12, 16, 20, 28 gauge, and .410 bore. Total production reached over 30,000. Although it was technically a factory made gun, each one was custom made to fit each customer's needs. Some were very plain, while others were elaborately engraved and stocked with exquisitely figured walnut. The Model 21 was designed and marketed as a prestige product, intended to compete with fine American doubles like Parker's and Fox's.[1]

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