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Kompetensi Dasar 3.4 Memahami percakapan sederhana sehari-hari baik dalam konteks profesional maupun pribadi dengan orang bukan penutur asli.

Indikator 1. Ungkapan untuk menangani tamu hotel, restoran dan kantor dilakukan dan dijawab dengan benar. Ungkapan untuk menangani keluhan (complaint) tamu hotel, restoran dan kantor dilakukan dan dijawab dengan benar.


Tujuan Pembelajaran 1. Siswa dapat menggunakan ungkapan-ungkapan untuk menangani tamu di hotel, restoran, dan kantor dengan benar. 2. Siswa dapat menangani, mendengarkan dan menjawab keluhan (complaint) tamu dengan benar.

Materi 1: Expressions for handling guest

The Expressions in an office

Greetings (Good morning/afternoon/evening). What can I do for you, Sir/Maam? Could I take your name, please? Just a moment, please. Ill see if Mr./Mrs... is free/available. Have a seat, please. Would you like something to drink? Im sorry, Sir/Maam. Mr./Mrs... is not in. Would you like to leave a message?

Example : Receptionist : Good morning. Can I help you? Amalia : Id like to see Mrs. Sausan. Is she in today? Receptionist : Have you got an appoinment? Amalia : Oh...yes I have. Receptionist : Just a moment, please. Ill see if Mrs. Sausan free. Have a seat, please Amalia : Thank you

The Expressions in a hotel

Welcome to our hotel. What can I do for you, Sir/Maam? We hope you enjoy your stay. Have a nice rest, Sir/Maam. Would you like some help with your luggage? Here is your key. Please, check your bill.

Example : Room service Id like some breakfast, please. Room service: Room service. Mary Jones: Good morning. This is room 113. Id like some breakfast, please. Room service: Right. Excuse me. Mrs. Jones? Mary Jones: Thats right. Room service: What can I do for you? Mary Jones: Id like some grapefruit juice, marmalade, two scrambled eggs with two sausages, toast, and a pot of black coffee, please. How long will it take? Room service: Just a few minutes, maam. Mary Jones: Great. Thank you.

The Expressions in a restaurant

Welcome to our restaurant. May I take your order, please? Are you ready to order, Sir/Maam? I hope you enjoy the food We would like to offer you a special food. Well send your tea right away.

Example: Ordering breakfast Ill have three scrambled eggs with country ham. Waitress: Good morning. Are you ready to order? Bill Nichols: Yes, I am, thank you. Ill have three scrambled eggs with country ham, toast and jam, please. Waitress: Would you like anything to drink? Bill Nichols: Ill have a tomato juice and some iced tea. Waitress: Anything else? Bill Nichols: Could I have a slice of pumpkin pie? Waitress: Sure. Coming right up.

Exercise 1: Listen to the dialogue and complete it

Click here to listen the dialogue

Checking out of the hotel Id like to check out now.


Good morning.


Daniel Adams: Yes, Id like to check out now. My names Adams, room 312. Heres the key. Receptionist: (2) Heres your bill. Would you like to check and see if the amount is correct? Daniel Adams: Whats the 14 pounds for? Receptionist: Thats for the phone calls you made from your room. Daniel Adams: Can I pay with travellers cheques? Receptionist: Certainly (3) Daniel Adams: Here you are. Receptionist: (4) Daniel Adams: Sure. Receptionist: (5) Daniel Adams: Thank you. Goodbye.

Materi 2: Expressions of Handling Guest Complaint

Handle customer complaints with L E A R N, and your customers will feel appreciated! L.E.A.R.N. is an acronym, with 5 easy steps to follow:

LISTEN - Listen carefully to your customer. Don't interrupt or tell the customer to calm down, this will only ignite the anger. EMPATHIZE - Feel the pain of the customer, and tell her that you can understand how they feel. APOLOGIZE - Apologize to the customer, even if you feel that you have no part in the problem. Do not blame the customer, but there is no need to take the blame yourself! REACT - Decide what you will do to resolve the problem, and tell this to the customer. NOW! - Do not delay. Take immediate action! The longer you wait, the harder it is to produce outstanding customer service. - WILLIAM H. DAVIDOW Reply Its ok Not at all Never mind

Expressions of Apology for complaint Sorry Sir I am very sorry Sir for... Terrible sorry

Pardon? I beg your pardon Excuse me I apologize for...

I understand completely No problem Forget it,... Dont worry,..etc

Example : Complaint in a hotel

Miss. Kayla : This is Kayla in room 505, I checked in about ten minutes ago. Receptionist : Oh, yes, Miss. Kayla. How can I help you? Miss. Kayla : My bathroom, its in a terrible condition. When I tried the shower, no water came out at all. Receptionist : Oh, dear. Im sorry to hear that. Ill have someone fix it immediately.

Watch the video of guest handling complaint :

Click here to watch the video

Exercise 2 Complete the following dialogue by choosing the correct word or phrases in the box. Im afraid complaint

excuse me Im sorry

I do apologize Id like to speak

oh dear

Mike : Receptionist :

(1) I think there is a mistake in our bill. We didnt have dinner here last night. (2), Sir. Heres the bill from the hotel restaurant. Its got your signature on it.

But thats not my signature. (3) to the manager. Receptionist : Im sorry. The manager is busy. Mike : Im very sorry. But I want to speak to the manager. Manager : Mike : You have a (4) about your bill, Sir?

Mike :

Yes, (5) theres a mistake. We didnt have dinner in the restaurant last night. Manager : But this looks like your signature on the restaurant bill. Let me see (6). Im sorry. Theres another couple called Lewis in the hotel. They had dinner last night Not you (7)

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