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HudsonEpoxy Urethane Anti-Corrosion Primer


A PolyUrethane Primer containing the highest quality anti-corrosion inhibitor pigments like zinc chromates, zinc phosphates and galvanic sacrificial compounds. Proven in tests to exhibit ten-fold durability over conventional epoxies and vinyl primers.

1.They act as frontline base primers which provide the best protection to metal surfaces. 2.The presence of chemical inhibitors in them perform sacrificial galvanic protection. 3. They divert and dissipate corrosive and destructive tendencies over the metal surfaces. A MUST for all industrial metal structures, ships and fabricated works, chemical plants and factories, and especially for those places near or along seashores or coastlines. It is effective over galvanized iron, stainless steel, black iron, aluminium, nickel, chrome, lead, tin, brass, bronze and other metals.

Clean the metal surface free from foreign materials. If metal surface has been primed with Hudson Wash Primer, do not sand. Mix 3 parts Hudson AntiCorrosion Primer #3902 (Green Color) to 1 part Hudson EU Primer Catalyst #3902C (Green Color) by volume. Apply with brush. If spraying is needed, mix with Hudson PolyUrethane Reducer or Hudson Epoxy Urethane Thinner (Ratio 1:1). Apply 2 coats. Let dry for 1-2 hours before recoating. Sand between coats or before overcoating with Hudson Epoxy Urethane Topcoat Colors or other Enamels.

·Mixing Ratio : 3 parts Hudson EU Anti-Corrosion Primer #3902 to 1 part Hudson EU Primer catalyst #3902C by volume. ·Reduction : 1 to 1 part by volume Hudson EU Thinner #3909. · Drying Time : 25 minutes touch-free, 1-2 hours sandable and recoatable. · Storage : Base: 1 year Catalyst: 6 months · Pot-life : Use mixed paint within 1 working day. · Coverage : 15-20 sq. m. per 4lt per coat.

·Pencil Hardness - H-2H ·Direct Impact - Passed ·Adhesion on Metal -Excellent ·Flexibility -Passed

Not affected by most acids (except concentrated solutions and Hydrofluoric acid), bases, battery solutions, brake fluid, gasoline, motor oil, solvents, alcohol, thinners and flame.

Hudson Epoxy Urethane Thinner #3909.

Keep away from fire and reach of children. Inc.CAUTION Toxic and flammable. . PACKAGING Base : 4 liter and 1 liter can (3/4 full). Hardener: 1liter and 1/4lt can (full) WebFocus Solutions.