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GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: 1. This test booklet contains 200 test questions for GENERAL EDUCATION and 200 test questions for PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION. Examines shall image to use the 5½ hours. 2. Start with GENERAL EDUCATION to be followed by PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION. 3. Read INSTRUCTIONS TO EXAMINEES printed on your answer sheet. 4. Shade only one (1) box for each question on your answer sheets. Two or more boxes shaded will invalidate your answer. 5. AVOID ERASURES. 6. This is PRC Property. Unauthorized possession, reproduction and/or sale of this test booklet is punishable by law. (R.A. 8981)

GENERAL EDUCATION - 200 items INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Detach one (1) answer sheet from the bottom of your Examinee
ID/Answer Sheet Set. 2. Write the subject title “GENERAL EDUCATION” on the box provided.

3. Shade Set Box “A” on your answer sheet if your test booklet is Set A; Set
Box “B” if your test booklet is Set B. 4. After you have finished answering GENERAL EDUCATION, submit your Answer Sheet to your room Watchers. Retain the test booklet with you.

1. Which order should be I. II. III. IV. a. III, II, I, IV b. III, IV, II, I followed in viewing videotaped lesson? Reflection-discussion Viewing Previewing Follow-up activities c. III, II, IV, I d. III, I, II, IV


The measure of choosing well is whether or not a man likes what he ________. a. Has chosen c. chose b. Is choosing d. choose

3. Wounded, he walked away still suffering from EXCRUCIATING pain. Describe the pain. a. Mild c. Unbearable b. Slight d. Endurable 4. Humble winners don’t GLOAT about the prize. What does gloat mean? a. Scoff c. Deride b. Brag d. Belittle 5. Business computers have become more complex that necessitate complete training in operating them. They are now described as SOPHISTICATED electronic system, meaning _________. a. Simple c. fashionable b. Cosmopolitan d. uncomplicated 6. To HERALD major economic and social changes brought about by technology, means to _________. a. Respond to c. end b. Encourage d. proclaim 7. Using contextual clues complete the following statement. Most flowers ________ in spring. a. Bloom c. wither b. Weaken d. die 8. Successful sales persons ___________ and understand the needs of the market. a. Know their products thoroughly b. Thoroughly know their products c. Their products are known thoroughly d. Products are thoroughly known 9. Archimedes shouted “Eureka!” Since then, the world took this to mean __________. a. Gift c. discovery b. Mystery d. enjoyment 10. Children who have been exposed too much to TV suffer from unusually short ________. a. Understanding c. learning b. Attention span d. concentration 11. After _________ all day, the finally saw the lake.

Malleable c. a. Used to play c. a. Testifies for c. could play b. There should be sufficient energy in one’s life. May have played d.” talks of __________. Life will be gone in a minute b. will testify 17. 18. Thomas Carlyle. it could be interpreted as __________. a. tense b. ductile 16. b. c. “Woe to every backbiter. Have walked d. Steel is not __________ because it doesn’t break easily. Anguish for those who defend. d. We must play any game well c. Sorrow for those who oppose other’s opinion. could have played 14. d. What does this stanza suggest? a. We will die anyway. Direction can never come into one’s life . History is the witness that __________ passing of time. testifies b. Walking c. Those mischievous children _________ tricks of their teachers which always got them into a lot of trouble. Misery for those who talks ill of others. Brittle d. Opportunity comes once. on using GENERAL EDUCATION – SET A 13. Testifies the d. “The man without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder…”. 15. seize it. having walked 12. a. On the use c. so they say. enjoy life. by the use b. is just a game And they let it slip away Don’t let life slip away Grasp it while you can We may never pass this way again. a. We should work for a total ban __________ of pesticides that are harmful to man. Punishment for those who say good things.a. a. b. had walked b. Life. With the use d. The line from the Koran.

sad b. a. easy-going b. George Bernard Shaw said. The space Age _______ in October 21. They were released after paying d. c. a. a. curiosity . They were freed after negotiation 25. Cited c. Lanky d. Tom feared getting late so he ________ with a bus and leaped at the door. She was ____________.” Such lines speak of his __________. d. was catching b. Clear thinking c. Confused d. Our commitments can develop us or can destroy us. Which word completes the sentence correctly? a. controversial 24. but either way. Catch up c. convenient b. Choose the line below that has the same meaning. a. Lack of appetite and less sleep gave her a ____________ appearance. There is a strong driving force in one’s life 19. 1957 when Sputnik was launched by the Soviet Union. Our commitments need not be planned way ahead. a. Flourished d. Our lives are shaped by what we are committed to. has caught 26. An automatic teller machine provides a __________ means of banking 24 hours day. The traffic at the corner was jammed. hazard 21. But I dream things that never were and ask why not. they will define us. They escaped after paying b. ended b. Caught up d. My grandma had some “lucid moments” before she died. Cordial d. b. Crooked c. One’s life doesn’t need to be controlled d. a. Lazy c. They paid their way! What do these statements tell us? a. We must make full commitment to worldly goals. commenced 23. The hostages are free. ambiguous 22.c. GENERAL EDUCATION – SET A 20. They had peaceful negotiation c. Flexible commitment is what we need today. “You see things that are and you ask why. Thinking clearly c.

it is all part of a grand design. a. News travels as fast as the wind. A HIGH-MINDED person wouldn’t lie. a. corrupt b. a. “Have a good bank account. luck 33. Metaphor d. “Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today. a. Which of the theories of learning. compliment b. idiom b.b. destiny b. Security c. There was HIATUS of two years before I went back to college. Complement c. protection 28. lapse 35. antithesis GENERAL EDUCATION – SET A 29. Dream d. “Nothing that happens in this world ever happens by chance. a. The statue was erected in ________ to war heroes. Covertly c. Contemplate d. rich imagination 27. a cook and a good digestion. Ambition c. mean 31. irreverence b. correct 34. Courteously d. Duty b. rudely 36. Workers in the service sectors should be trained to act ___________ as possible. Defense d. Rousseau advised. Unprincipled c. Homage c. profess b.” The author speaks of one’s ____________.” Such is a good advice for those who __________. Simile c. HIATUS means _________. curtly b.” What is being referred to? a. proliferate 32. a. uniterpretation b. language and literacy views children as having the ability to relate new information to prior knowledge? . Length c. Investment 30. Continuation d. This line is a/an __________. Immortality d. Movie directors use music to ____________ the selection on the screen. Procrastinate d. a. Family d. What does it mean? a. Predict c. Honorable d.

Apathy for a cause b. Worthless c. Pagkahabag 42. Imperpekto b. but its important to me. Blind ignorance d. a. a. Alin ang angkang pinagmulan ng mga wika sa Pilipinas? a. Sociolinguistic d. John F.” The activist shouted. “Ask not what your country can do for you. Pagpapalit-tawag d. “Join the rally. vital b. Iwasan b. Malayo polinesyo 46. Avoidance of group action 39. It may seem FRIVOLOUS to you. Dalampasigan c. Dwight D. Who said. “Bakit ayaw mong ilibing sa limo tang malungkot na pangyayari sa buhay?” Ibigay ang kahulugan. Significant d. love for self GENERAL EDUCATION – SET A 40. Constructivist c. Kennedy b. Kontemplatibo c. but what you can do for your country. Lyndon B. Sariwain c. ati-atihan b. Willingness to listen d. Pagmamalabis c. Ano ang ipinatalastas ditto? NADUROG ANG KANYANG PUSO SA TINDI NG DALAMHATI. Sympathy for cause c. I hall not want…” is an expression of one’s ___________ a. Eisenhower 41. Alin ditto ang isa? . What was asked of the listeners? a. Nixon c. Ang isa sa dalawang hati ng mga pananalita ay ang pangnilalaman. Ibigay ang aspekto ng pandiwa ng pangungusap na ito. Kalimutan 43. Perfectibo d. Richard M. Pawatas 44. interactive b. Johnson d.a. Total poverty c. total submission to God b. reader response 37. Indones polinesyo b. Malay d. What does frivolous mean? a. Pagwawangis b. practical 38. Kadayawan d. Kung kilala sa Cebu and Sinulog. Indones c. a. dinagyang 45. KASUSULAT LANG NIYA NG KUWENTO a. kilala naman sa Iloilo ang _____________. Alalahanin d. “The Lord is my shepherd.” a.

Paggamit ng mga laro c. a. a. Alin sa mga sumusunod ang magiging tulong sa pagsasalin ng wikang Filipino? a. Kagamitng awdyo d. 50. pagkukwento b. Pang-ukol b. Istandardisasyon 52. Kataga c. modelo 54. kagamitang lingual 53. kagamitng biswal b. Isaisip c.47. Kolokyal Ano ang kahulugan ng tagbising panahon? a. Pananda c. Palaisipan c. Salita d. Singilin b. Kagamitang pansilid c. Intelektwlisasyon d. Tanong-sagot d. Tagtuyot d. parirala Ano ang mga salitang pinaikli at ginagamit sa mga pagkakataong informal? a. Pagsasaulo c. Pangkayarian d. Modernisasyon b. Karunungan bayan GENERAL EDUCATION – SET A 51. 49. Ang pagtuturo ng Filipino bilang pangalawang wika ay higit ng magiging mabisa kung gagamit ng _________. a. Panuring b. Lalawigan d. Tag-ulan Ano ang tawag sa mga unang tula ng mga Pilipino? a. Pag-aaral ng balarila b. Alin sa mga teknik ng pagtuturo ang concrete? a. a. Liriko b. Soneto d. 48. Paggamit ng mga batayang aklat 56. Anong bahagi ng pananalita ang nasa malaking titik? Malungkot ANG MGA nagtapos na wala pang trabaho. Nominal Ano ang tawag sa nasa malaking titik sa sumusunod na pangungusap? NAGING MABILIS ang pulong NG PANGULO at NG MGA KALIHIM. Saan dimensyon nabibilang ang paaggamit ng globo? a. Komersyalisasyon c. TUMUNGOSA IBANG BANSA ANG PANGULO AT MGA SENADOR. Parirala 55. Balbal c. Panlipunan b. . Pakikipag-usap na gamit ang wikang pinag-aralan d. Pangatnig d. Paturol c. sugnay b. Ibigay ang kayarian ng pangungusap.

a. Kung mismong bilang ang susunod na isusulat . Itapon d. natapon 62. a. LANG. PA AT NA ay mga _____________. Digrapo d. DIN. Wala ng halaga ang pagtutulungan b. Kalungkutan ang mabuhay d. Uso na ang pangungurakot 58. Direksyon b. Kalian ginagamit ang IKA na may gitling? a. Ang katawagan sa mga kataga o tunog na isinasama sa kayarian ng mga pangungusap katulad ng RIN. Langkapan d. Payak 57. Tagatanggap c. Tambalan c. Manwal ng guro b. morpema 59. a. Inglitik c. Tagaganap d. Pantulong na aklat d. Uso na ang suhulan d. tinapon b. Itinatapon c. ponema b. Teksbuk c. Kung ginagamit na panlapi sa isang salita b. BA. a. Hindi ko malaman kung bakit ang basura ay kanyang _______________. Hugnayan b. PATAY NA SI BIGAYAN. Limot na ang pagkakaibigan c. Kung ang bilang ay isinusulat na buo d. Ano ang kaahulugan ng pariralang. Alin dito ang gamit ng guro kung hanap niya ang paraan kung paano ito ituturo? a. Kung ang ikakabit ay isang panlapi c. “Iyon lamang nakakaranas ng mga lihim na kalungkutan ang maaaring makakilala ng mga lihim na kaligayahan. Kapangitan ng buhay c. ITSURA NI DAMAYAN? a. Pamphlet GENERAL EDUCATION – SET A 60. kagandahan ng buhay b. Ano ang pokus ng pandiwa? a. Sanhi 61. PINASYALAN ng mag-anak ang Enchanted Kingdom noong isang buwan. paghihikahos sa buhay 63. “Ang mga pahayag na ito ay nagsasaad ng ____________.

LUMILIPAD ANG SAYA ng nanay sa pag-alis kaninang umaga. Pasalaysay c. Tambalan d. Imperpekto b. Pabigkas d. May palit c. Siya ay mahilig c. Ang salitang nasa malaking titik ay nasa anyong pangdiwng di karaniwan na ___________. a. may pungos b. Ano ang ipinapahayag nito? a. “Magtatrabaho ako at ikaw ay mag-aaral upang makatapos ka ng pagaaral. DAMHIN mo ang init ng pagmamahal ng iyong magulang. b. Alin ditto ang isa pang anyo ng panitikan maliban sa tukuyan? a. a. mapagbigay b. Siya ay MAY KUTSARANG PILAK nang ipinanganak. Siya ay mayaman. Kontemplatibo d. Sinekdoke 69. Ibigay ang uri ng tayutay na ginagamit sa pahayag na ito. Payak b. ANG KANYANG MGA MATA NA WARING NAGMAMAKAAWA SA AKIN. Gustong gusto niya ang kutsara GENERAL EDUCATION – SET A 70. Ironiya c. a. Mapalinlang sa kapwa b. Langkapan c. kuripot 67. Anong uri ng pahayag ito? . a. Walang pera d.” Anong uri ng pangungusap ito? a. Ibigay ang uri ng tayutay na ginagamit sa pahayag na ito. Personipikasyon d. May kutad d. Kawalang malay ng mga babae 68. Ang ibig sbihin nito ay ____________. Patula 71. may kaltas 72. Marami siyang kagamitang pilak d. Nalantang bulaklak d. Hugnayan 66. Perfectibo c. Pagtataksil sa asawa c.64. Apostrope b. ANG KANYANG MGA MATA NA WARING NAGMAMAKAAWA SA AKIN. Ibigay ang aspekto ng pandiwa ng pangungusap na ito. “Malalim ang bulsa ng kanyang Nanay”. Pawatas 73. a. KARARATING LANG NIYA BUIHAT SA PAARALAN. Mapera c. Saan tumatalakay ang akdang Ang Sampaguitang Walang Bango? a. Personipikasyon d. Sinekdoke c. Apostrope 65. Ironiya b. Palahad b.

000 c. 3 b. “Magdilang anghel ka sana. 6 d. a. Ang dumating ay hari. a. Sumamba ka sa anghel d. How much more is the largest share than the smallest share? a. 000 82. Eupemistiko Ano ang ibig sabihin ng. Balak niyang umawit. a. c. magiging totoo ang iyong sinasabi b. Pahayag d. 2457. Sambitla b.13689. which digit is in the thousandths place? a. 78. Patayutay d. May tao pala sa silid “Sanay umulan na upang matubigan ang bukirin”. Patula c. Three brothers inherited a cash amount of P120. maging manghuhula ka GENERAL EDUCATION – SET A 80. P75.” Sagot ng kausap. 8 c. Ekspresyong idyomatiko 81. a. 4 . Penomenal Alin sa mga sumusunod ang pangungusap na walang simuno? a. P15. 75. b. Nanlilisik c. 77. Mga pinagmulan c. d. Salitang upemistiko b. Pormulasyong panlipunan d. Magsumikap ka nang umunlad. 79. Panawag c. Bibliya Ano ang uri ng pangungusap na UMAARAW NA. 000 d. 76. Matalas d. Tayutay c. P30. Ang ibig sabihin ay __________________. a. Kwentong bayan b.74. Init na nadarama c. Tinging nakakapaso Ang tambal na salitang “matang-manok” ay may ibig sabihing ___________ ang mata. In thi number. 000 b. Idyomatiko b. Sunog na duilot ng apoy d.000 and they divided it among themselves in the ratio of 5:2:1. Galit na kinukuyom sa dibdib b. Alin dito ang mga salita o lipon na ang kahulugan ay iba sa kahulugan ng mga salitang binubuo? a. nakakatakot Saan hinango ang mga kwentong tinatawag na parabola? a. Kasabihan d. P60. Magsimba ka para umulan c. TINGIN NIYANG NAG-AAPOY. nanlalabo b.

P 733 b.83. she spent three times as much as she spent in the first store. Joan bought 120 handkerchiefs at 10 pesos each. 20 c. x + 2 d. 70% c. 490 c. 38 87. 22 b. Which of the following is a factor of the quadratic equation x² . 580 92. 300 pesos b. 360 pesos GENERAL EDUCATION – SET A 90. 252 pesos d. 40 d. What is her net gain from selling all the peanuts? . fuel and plastic bags. 75% b. In the next store. x+4 89. Julie spent one-sixth of her money in one store. What is 3m + .130 d. x – 4 c. 240 pesos c. Then she sold them at 3 handkerchiefs for P50. P 400 c. The average of 5 different numbers is 10. what is the ratio in percent of the smaller to larger circle a. 8/15 b. 21 ⅛ d. 21 ⅞ 85. 8/2. 4800 d.5 91. What is the value of 12 ⅙ . If she sold all the handkerchiefs. P 170 84. 21 c. What part of an hour has passed from 2:48 pm. 1/3 d. A street vendor sells roasted peanuts at P5 per packet of 25 gm which she bought for P80 per kilo.7 ⅔ + 19 ¾ ? a. If the area of one circle is twice of another circle. and had 80 pesos left. How much money did she have at the start? a.2x – 24 = 0 a.28 dm when converted to centimeters? a. P 800 d. She spent P20 for oil. What is the highest possible value that one of the numbers can have? a. 560 88. 5800 b. 50% 86. 2. x+6 b. 7/8 c.2 ⅜ .2 ( 2x + 1470 ) = x? a. how much profit did she make? a. 1470 b. What value of x will satisfy the equation 0. to 3:20 pm? a. 25% d. 480 c. 30 b.

50. P480 c. 22 c. 9 b. 40. Which of the following has the largest value: a. At the next bus stop. -1 97. 1 b. 33 99. 5 94. what is the value of (A – B) (A – C) (B – C)? a.a. If x = -5. How many seats were empty after this stop if everyone had a seat? a. ____ 320? a. 2 96. What number subtracted from each of 71 and 58 will result in two perfect squares? a. The expression 1 / 100 + 1 / 25 + 1 / 1000 is equal to _____________. 24 c. 4³ d. B and C are consecutive numbers. 210 c. P360 b. 7 c. P400 93. 2 cups b. 3 d. ___. 80. 2 d. 0. 42 d. What are the missing terms in the series 5. 0. -6 d. 40.9? x+3 a. P380 d. 35 b. -2 c. If A>B>C. 20. -8 b. 13 persons got off and 5 got in. what is the value of x² . A recipe which is good for 4 persons calls for ⅔ cup of milk. 23 d. 135 b. 8 c. All the seats in a bus are occupied and six persons are standing. 4 cups c.0051 c. Which of the following could be a factor of n (n + 1) if n is a positive integer less than 3? a. How much milk will be needed by a recipe for 6 persons? a. (2 + 2 + 2)² 101. A. 1 cup d. 0 b. 2 + 2² + (2 + 2)² c. 35. 8 cups GENERAL EDUCATION – SET A 100. 5 98. 10.51 . a. 120 95. 160 d. [(2 + 2)²]² b.

25% b. 4200 mg.051 102.000 last year. x–1 105. 6. 5 d. 32 and 49 c. 6. x² + y – 1 d. 6. 48 % d. 33 and 50 106. but when divided by 4 has a reminder of 2? a. A store lost P 252. 80 % b. 6 c. How many members of Set A are factors of any members of Set B? Set A = {0. (x + 4) (x + 2) c. which of the following is an odd integer? a. P 20.5% c. 0. 7.006 d.000 104. 120 % 107. 8 b. What is the counting number that less than 15 and when divided by 3 has a remainder of 1.b. 8. Which of the following is the factorization of the binomial x² .500 b. 9. 2. 5 pounds b. 2. 26 and 49 d. Which of these weights is heaviest? a. 5} Set B = {1. 1. 11 and 15. P 2. 4 b. x(x + 2x + 2) b. 4. 27 and 42 b.5kg. 5 c. 109. P 21. How much interest would be paid on a bank loan of P 30. x² + 3y b. 83 ⅓ % c.4²? a. What are the 8th and 10th numbers in the sequence? a.000 c. P 20. 12 d. 10} a. 3. 2250 gm. What was its average loss per month? a.000 for 8 months at 12% annual interest? . 65% GENERAL EDUCATION – SET A 111. 500 d. What percent of 4 is 3/5 of 8? a. 2. d. 16% d. 10 108. (x – 4) (x + 4) 110. the first 5 numbers in a sequence are 5. 3 103. (x – 4)² d. If x is an odd integer and y is an even integer. 0. 2x – y c. c. What percent of 560 is 35? a.

P 3.a.2 b. 13/24 b. Which of the following could be the value of x? a. 2 c. and ⅓? a. ¼. What is the average of ½. 7. P 2. Two buses leave the same station at 9:00 pm.400 d. How much is 80% of 37% of 2.240 c.92 d. 19.800 b. The amount paid by the customer per sack b. P 2. The area of square is 33x. 13/12 c. The number of sacks sold d.2 c. 35/36 b. How many kilometers apart are the buses at 10 pm? a. The amount she was paid 120. Which of the fractions has the LEAST value? a. A vendor sold one sack of rice more than she paid for it.600 112. 6 d. 1/36 114. 1. 13/29 d. 100 km d. 72 117. 2/35 c. P 3. 7 115. 7/12 c. 13/29 119. What is the average of ½. 70 km b. 140 km c. What information is needed to find his gain? a. The amount she paid for it c. 7/8 113. 6/17 b. ¼. 10 d. 8 b. 50 km 118. 4 116.4? a. 1/35 d. 13/17 GENERAL EDUCATION – SET A . How many integers between 1 and 50 are divisible by both 4 and 5? a. One bus travels north at the rate of 30 kph and the other travels east at 40 kph. and ⅓? a. 13/24 d. 3 b. 13/12 c. 8/9 d. 13/27 b. What are the odds of getting two 5’s in a single throw of a pair of dice? a. 9 c.

II and IV . CT scan 129. Eutrophication d. It raises the cooking temperature of food iv. Thalamus d. X-ray c. Water boils faster ii. Sclerotic peel c. What is the reason why a pressure cooker cooks food faster? i. 124. Which of these use the principle that pressure is transmitted equally in all directions in a liquid? a. Cyclosis d. Depends on the number of bulb d. Optical ray b. It raises the boiling point of water iii. ecdysis b. Why are doorknobs placed at the edge of a door rather than in the center? a. 1 123. Hold extra dust and small particle of sand. Buoyed appliances 125. It is closer to the edge of the doorway c. Acid rain c. Stoppered devices b. It is tightly closed a. Atmospheric pollution b. 3 c. Molting is a process whereby insects shed off their old cuticle to grow in size. To increase the lever arm b. how many complete pathways of electricity are produced? a.121. Which of the following environmental conditions has been blamed for the usual occurrence of “fish kills”? a. a. What is the technology being used now in the surgery of the retina? a. c. Medulla 128. Cerebrum c. Hydraulic devices c. 4 b. a. d. This is called _____________. I. Blocks of asphalt roads re left with a narrow gap in-between them in order to _________. In a series circuit. Laser d. II and III c. Serve as passage of water during rainy days. b. Make roads with equal blocks and gasps. Give allowance for expansion during hot days. Fluid-operated crane d. To help give more momentum to the door d. To increase the force on the door 127. What part of the brain acts as the center of our emotions? a. Cerebellum b. Silting of lakes 126. metamorphosis 122.

Dinoflagellates d. a. pea b. Biosphere c. Mineral 133. Autotrophs c. hemoscope b. Patients suffering from defective kidney are now assisted by a machine called _________. Protective mimicry c. Which are the food eaters or consumers in an ecosystem? a. a. Strawberry c. nephridium scanner 137. Which is an aggregate fruit that originates from a cluster of matured ovaries? a. Carbon dioxide c. Algae b. biome 136. Choose the biogeochemical cycle. population b. Which gas is manufactured by green plants into starch? . Using Freon in many household devices 131. guava 139. Preventing build-up of open house gases d. aggressive coloration 134. a. Oxygen d. Pineapple d. The escape mechanism by which the mudfish and the catfish change from a darker color to a lighter one depending on the color of the water is called___________. II and IV GENERAL EDUCATION – SET A 130. Proteins b. Nephros machine d. habitat protection b. Preventing increase of vehicle exhaust c. Fats d. Bacteria c. Jellyfishes 135. Heterotrophs 138. II and III d. Which group of organisms causes “red tide”? a. Decomposers d. Global warming can be prevented by ____________. Adaptive coloration d. Carbohydrates c. What nutrients can be absorbed in our body without undergoing digestion? a. Habitat d. I. Hydrogen b.b. Ecologists is associate the relation between climate and vegetation and animal life with the term___________. Producers b. Using refuse-derived fuel incinerator b. a. a. Hemodialzer c. Vitamins 132.

Fission d. Antoine H. Alcogas 143. Amino acid d. Ethylene c. Which biogas is obtained from biological wastes such as animal manure? a. Protein is a polymer while the monomer of this substance is ____________. Decomposers b. thermonuclear chain b. The one on earth 145. Which chemical substance/s is/are contained in detergents which cause/s the foam in stream water? a. Cannot be determined b. Fission 142. Lakes that accumulate abundant nutrients become ___________. Osmosis d. Hydrogen d. resuscitation GENERAL EDUCATION – SET A 141. Producer’s c. This ability known as ____________. Reproduction d. Phosphorus and alkyl . Combination of light atoms c. Which of the two objects has the greater mass? a. regeneration b. a. Absorption c. Consumers 146. The on the moon c. what process has occurred? a.a. Many amphibians may lose a part of their body such as a leg or tail. a. Becquerel defined this phenomenon as the spontaneous disintegration of the nucleus of an atom. fusion 144. Rejuvenation c. Carbon dioxide c. Fusion c. They have the ability to grow a lost part. Radioactivity d. abyssal 147. glucose b. They have the same mass d. Diffusion b. a. Helium 140. Which organisms are responsible for the return of substances in the bodies of the dead plants and animals to the soil? a. bathyol b. Oxygen b. Fatty cid c. Eutrophic d. Methane d. Pelagic c. Solution 148. Ester b. When molecules of ink turn a glassful of water into blue. The atomic bomb releases a tremendous amount of energy through ____________. First order consumers d. A second object weighs 30 N on the moon. a. Which is this phenomenon? a. pyruvic acid 149. An object weighs 30 N on earth. Alkyl benzene sulfonate c. Bombardment of atom b.

diverges b. Covalent ions d. Phosphorus and benzene d. I only b. Mortality a. Natality iv. Diastole arc d. Remains the same d. Increases c. What happens to the speed of a light ray as it passes from water to air? a. Sedimentary c. Which kind of rock is abundant in the Bicol region? a. Metamorphic b. Heterotrophs 156. Shale GENERAL EDUCATION – SET A 152. systole 153. a. Igneous d. which organisms occupy the base? a. Converges d. a. Ionic bonds c. Atoms which tend to give up electrons during the process of chemical combination possess ___________. In each cardiac cycle. gravitation theory . Herbivores b. diastole b. Ionic bonded atoms 158. III and II d. Decreases b. Law of acceleration c. In the energy pyramid. III and IV c. The population of jets and rockets is based on Newton’s _____________. First order consumers c. A group of covalently bonded atoms that acts like a single atom when combining with other atoms is referred to as ______________. is reflected 157. law of interaction b. Positive valence c. Producers d. the heart goes through a system of contraction. Light that passes through convex lens ____________. Polyatomic Ion b. I and II 155.b. Which of the following factors contribute to an increase in human population? i. Oil and benzene 150. unchanged valence 154. Emigration iii. Negative valence d. Immigration ii. Law of inertia d. Disperses c. increases then decreases 151. neutral valence b. What is this phase called? a. Systole arc c. a. a.

Inalienable c. if they do good. I. intelligence b. Both have the same mass c. A violation of person’s right is a violation of his/her ______________. Which is a violation of the right to life? a. b. social 165. Yes. no exception 163. Revolves around the sun c. Freedom d. which other peoples’ right does he violate? Right to __________. Contraception c. The right of a beggar to alms is an example of a (an) _____________ right. II and III d. kilogram of feathers or a kilogram of iron? a. imperfect b. a. No. No. only those who believe in god. Cannot be determined GENERAL EDUCATION – SET A 161. The astronomer Copernicus was the first person to publicity state that the earth _______. Which has more mass. On which is the dignity of every human person rooted? On his/her being ____________. Iron d. is center of solar system b. a. Engage in business c. Intellectual property d. They cannot be taken away from persons ii. Perfect d. Do all persons possess human dignity? a.159. Birth control 166. What does inalienability of rights mean? i. Name c. lawful income 167. Miscarriage d. No man has the authority to deny them iii. a. II and III b. I and III c. I and II 162. They cannot be surrendered a. dignity 164. a. the beggar does not have it c. Does not move d. When a manufacturer engages in the production of pirated CDs. is slowing down 160. a. copyright b. d. Feather b. Educated . Direct abortion b. Yes.

The following goes with the establishment of peace EXCEPT _____________. Which doe NOT go with the spirit of communion? a. Productive d. Every person is obliged to respect the rights of others iii. Right to marry c. II and III c. The assassination of Benigno Aquino. I and II 171. Religiosity 173. Sr. Widening the gap among individuals and nations b. c. if he does not express it publicly d. Solidarity 172. Which is the foundation of genuine peace? a. Peace talks d. Yes. End of arms race b. Transcending national boundaries c. GENERAL EDUCATION – SET A 170. No. Living peacefully with nature . if he expresses it outwardly in public b. EDSA I and EDS II Revolution 174. Which events in Philippine history prove that change can come through non-violent means? a. I and III d. Non-violent conflict resolution c. Yes. What does this mean? i. Marcos’ fleeing to Hawaii c. Overcoming ethnic and cultural divisions d. Conciliation b. Created into GOD’s image and likeness c. Communion is an essential element in the establishment of culture of peace. No. Shall a person be detained solely by reason of his political belief? a. Impeachment trial of former President Joseph Estrada d. Discrimination d. Which right I inalienable? a. The rights of persons are obligations for others. Right to life 169. Right to alms d. a. Right to property b.b. Every person is obliged to uphold the rights of others. Good 168. II and III b. Social justice c. Every person has rights and obligations. ii. b. a. I.

175. Which illustrates the spirit of non-violence? a. If any nation endangers world peace. Asks UN member nations to furnish troops to enforce UN decision. Filipinos seem not to value honesty anymore . Dialogue 179. fast pace and industrialization b. General Assembly d. Orders nations to stop trading with the offender. c. Ignoring d. c. The use of strike as a bargaining power d. 176. Inner peacelessness d. Domination b. Giving in c. Honesty remains a value even if nobody values it. b. Security Council 181. which is an effective way of solving a problem? a. rapid modernization in society 180. How does the United Nations do this? a. b. With the Cold War in mind. “Be honest even if others are not. Our manner of survival d. Drug addiction. The act to submit oneself to the will of the powers that be b. International Court of Justice b. The UN declares war against the offender. The move towards a gun less society c. What do we hve in common with the beasts? a. Dialogue c. Our freedom 182. Be honest even if others cannot. and other psychological illnesses are indictors of _________. The act to be quiet to preserve peace GENERAL EDUCATION – SET A 177. which does NOT belong? a. a. the United Nations may use economic sanctions against that country. Directs other member nations not to accept citizens of the offending nation as immigrants. Progress in medical science c. Competition d. our material body b.” What does this statement imply? a. Trusteeship Council c. Conflict 178. Which body of the United Nations has peace among nations as its major responsibility? a. Honesty does not pay. d. neurosex. From the peace education perspective. Our intelligence c. Tension b.

Strengthening of the will d. To be ethical and moral what is the best thing to do? a. Honesty is truly a value only if people possess and live by it.d. Discussion on what is good to do c. Money over sense of fulfillment c. Values that are essential must be preferred over those that are accidental? Which illustrates this? We prefer __________. Value that gives greater satisfaction over that which provide shortlived pleasures 188. I and III c. Conducting seminars on values education GENERAL EDUCATION – SET A 186. iii. a. Reflection on the moral thing to do b. ii. Which value preference is shown if you value health more than beauty? Preference for ________________. It helps the cheater to think creatively of acceptable way of cheating. Value preferred by a greater number of people over that which appeals only to a few. Health over beauty d. What is wrong with cheating? i. Subjective d. It leads to more and graver acts of cheating. 183. What is meant by the statement: Value are absolute? Values are ____________. I and II d. III only . a. Health c. It erodes people’s trust in others. d. a. Pleasure d. unchanging 185. I only b. pleasure over money b. a. Absolute equality 187. The permanent value over the temporary c. Changing c. The essential over the accidental b. beauty over achievement 184. Elimination of selfish desires b. personal b. Which is the greatest value according to the teachings of Karl Marx? a.

Neutrality 192. Pattern of dependence iii. The peso is stable. What can be said of the Philippine peso if the exchange rte of a dollar to a peso has gone down from P50 to a dollar to P40. too.189. Vehicle for people’s participation ii. Equity d. Which is your norm morality? a. I and II d. most students come late. To eliminate the gap between the rich and the poor d. Group thinking 190. 194. I only b. go to school late and you don’t see anything wrong in it because everybody is coming to school late anyway. To make the country economically progressive c. I and III c. Permanence of marriage a. . d. I. To alleviate poverty in the country. Which principle of taxation does the Philippine government lack if it fails to raise the needed revenue and therefore borrows from other countries to cover its expenses? a. The peso has weakened. Which is/are true of cooperatives? i. I. Recipient of government financial support for its success a. The peso has strengthened. You. Decentralizing mechanism that encourages selfmanagement iii. II and III b. II and III GENERAL EDUCATION – SET A 193. Which is/are a positive consequence/s of the close family ties among Filipinos? i. Which is the ultimate objective of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program of the government? a. II and III 191. Stability of the family ii. To eliminate poverty. I and III c. In your school.32? a. b. II and III d. Productivity c. Fear c. b. Shame d. c. Authority b. The value of the peso is fluctuating. Elasticity b.

Enforced more than nineteen (19) presidential decrees d. a. Women prefer thinking to feeling. Declared the whole country as a land reform area c. Men prefer feeling to thinking. Prostitution c. The following are proofs of humanity’s failure to live peacefully with nature EXCEPT ____. Why is the latest agrarian reform program in the country more comprehensive than the first? Because it __________.195. Filipinos working as entertainers in Japan d. Depletion of fisheries d. Japanese who come to the Philippines for their sex tours b. Filipino overseas contract workers in Japan 197. what am I engaged in? a. Artificial rain c. 196. Acid rain b. Benefited both tenant and landowner b. Mail-order brides d. Filipino Japanese descendants now working in Japan c. b. soil degradation by chemical methods 200. Ethnocentrism c. Stereotyping 199. Men tend to be more compassionate than women d. When I claim that Ilocanos are “kuripot” and Visayans are spendthrift. Gossip b. Rape 198. . Women tend to be more compassionate than men c. Which statement on men and women is CORRECT? a. Indulged sugar and coconut lands in addition to rice and corn lands. Sex tourism b. Which is a sexual activity in exchange for remuneration? a. a. Character assassination d. Who are referred to as Japayukis? a.