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My Reaction Paper to President Aquino 2013 SONA

President Aquino delivered his State of the Nation Address last Monday, July 22, 2013. According to my research, it was PNoys longest SONA so far but has been applauded less frequently compared to last year. President Noynoy started to address the nation at exactly 4:03 in the afternoon ( Im not really sure if that is the exact time) in front of the Joint Congressional Session and other members of the 3 branches of government in Batasang Pambansa Complex. The President acknowledged that in his 3 years of becoming the President of the Philippines, his administration faced many challenges. He also mentioned that this is his 4th SONA, and there will be two more in the future. In the first part of his speech, he praised his team PNoy who have dominated the last May 2013 Senatorial Election. He also cited the 4Ps on the Pantawid sa Pamilyang Pilipino Program of the government and also said that the number of TESDA graduates increased and that majority of them are now working. He also stated the various programs and projects implemented by the government to solve the flooding of many places in Metro Manila and even in the provinces. The government, through DOST had finished mapping the flood prone zone and that the geo-mapping of the Metro Manila will be accomplished next year. Also, SONA this year were focused on the achievement of the government on his term such as approval of the Sin Tax Reform Law and Responsible Parenthood Law (RH Law), reforms in Education System w/c is the K-12, Pantawid sa Pamilyang Filipino Program (4Ps), increase in number of TESDA graduates, increase in Phil health enrollees from 62% to 81% and w/ improved benefits, allocation of P6.2 Billion of flood control in Metro Manila, completion of 9,377 housing units for typhoon victims and etc., 63% reduction in number of private armed groups, 21.4% increased in foreign tourist arrivals in 2012 and 7.7% GDP growth during the first quarter of 2013. However, it also highlights some of the changes to hike SSS Contribution and train fares. PNoy ended his speech with words, I am Noynoy Aquino, and I proudly say to the world, I am a Filipino. How wonderful it is to be Filipino in these times.

In my own humble opinion, his speech was too long to miss on some important issues like the 10 billion pork scam. He shouldve mentioned the scam for anti-corruption is his main thrust in the Daang Matuwid platform. We all know that the president alone cannot reform the country all by himself, and his theme of beginning the change and enjoining the citizenry to work w/ arm-in-arm with the government in achieving these goals is very important. We must support PNoys programs so we can fully feel the improvements of economic gains of his administration. And also, we must remain active in participating or supporting the government programs for the betterment of all Filipino people.