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Potato Microbes Experiment

Potato Microbes Bacteria to Petri Dish #1-Swab from fish in running water #2-Swab from fish in running water #3-H2O from running water surrounding fish #4-H2O from running water surrounding fish #5-H2O sample from still H2O surrounding fish #6-H2O sample from still H20 surrounding fish #7-swab from fish in still H20 #8-swab from fish in still water #9-Control with distilled water Materials 1. pH Meter 2. Beaker 3. Stove top, Bunsen Burner or Burner 4. At least 2 Big Potatoes to cut into 9 slices (about inch) 5. Cotton Swabs 5. 14 ml Tubes 6. A knife 7. Water Samples 8. 4 cotton swabbed decomposing fish samples 9. 9 Petri Dishes 10. Tape 11. Marker 12. Microscope 13. Ipad with Microscope ap to take pictures 14. Kimwipes 15. Boiling water for sterilization

16. Incubator Observations: #1- 1 Large White Fungi patch, small circle blob of possible colonies of bacteria #2- Small clear colonies present #3- 5 Large fungi present, covered in clear colonies that look like the tops of mountains #4- 3 small fungi and clear colonies that ripple like Lays wavy chips #5- 6 fungi with clear mountains of colonies #6- 9 fungi groups with prominent clear colonies #7- 3 small fungi, remaining fish gunk and some small white colonies #8- 3 small fungi with some small white colonies scattered across the potato peel #9- 3 large fungi with clear bubble colonies