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Americans! My Compatriots! I hate to say it--but we are a deluded people. We want goodness. We want enlightenment (mental light).

Weve got--and spread--leagues of darkness. In the darkness, we do not see that we are in darkness. Many of us think that our nation has long been been an extraordinarily noble nation and beacon of light to all humanity, and that our nation is so today. Maybe with some small lapses, but on the whole, noble! That is a terribly egotistical assessment, based on ! pride, ! ignorance that thinks that it knows, ! limited vision, ! distortions, ! lies, ! propaganda, ! mass psychology, ! our naturally high opinion of ourselves, ! and our unwillingness to consider our own limitations. The problem is, as long as the people of the nation think that the nation is so exceptional, they will not make the difcult reforms that are so pressingly needed--and we will continue to leave an ugly trail of death and destruction in our wake. Im talking about many many thousands of good people broken, shattered, crushed.

But many or most Americans fail to see, and do not believe that ugly trail exists, except in the minds of national enemies and certain scurrilous, misguided individuals. Would that they would consider the evidence! Would that they would extensively relate to reality! Would that they would open their minds! Would that they would learn! Would that they would read good books, watch good video, and speak with good people! Those who have hearts, let them beat with good life! Those who have minds, let them seek truth! Lets be a just and honorable people!