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Manifesto of D.T.D.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Disco Thelema Discordia (“I Study Discordian Thelema”) is a disorganization of Discordians with membership in Ordo Templi Orientis, the occult fraternal order once lead by Aleister Crowley and currently under the leadership of Hymenaeus Beta. Information on O.T.O. can be found by visiting their international website at, and from there to the various national websites. Though O.T.O. itself is not allied or otherwise affiliated with D.T.D., membership in D.T.D. is dependent on active membership in good standing of O.T.O. As a part of Operation Mindfuck, D.T.D. serves as a rallying cry for Discordians to infiltrate the O.T.O., so leaving or getting kicked out would be counterproductive. In fact, members of D.T.D. are encouraged to be exemplary members of O.T.O. and occupy positions of leadership and influence in order to better do the work of the Goddess Eris in whatever way they deem fit. D.T.D. has no leaders, and all active members in good standing of O.T.O. who identify as Discordians are members of D.T.D. by default. However, those wishing to make a formal gesture may do so by taking a copy of the updated Book of the Law as officially published by O.T.O., and drawing a golden apple around the “k” in “kill” in chapter 3, verse 37. Those concerned about making changes to the Book of the Law can be assured that this is not changing even the style of a letter, and in fact changes less than the update itself. Another outward sign of D.T.D. is the image of a disco dancing Babalon holding the Golden Apple of Discord, and its use on t-shirts, etc. is highly encouraged. Members of D.T.D. are further encouraged to come up with their own creative symbols and gestures. Spreading the name of D.T.D. and this manifesto is also highly encouraged, even by those who are not members of O.T.O. Love is the law, love under will. Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia! Signed, Disco Inferno

Copies of this manifesto can be found at: