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Y= Voch80T¢@0/___ 10™ GRADE VOCABULARY #161-180 AVAILABLE Aoi. PENSIVE {adj}: thinking deeply, often of sad or melancholy things; deep thoughtfulness Synonyms: reflective, meditative, contemplative, musing Sitting apart from the other students in the Commons, Aaron seemed quiet and pensive. ERMEATE (v.): to flow or spread through; penetrate (LINK: WORM HE ATE) Corruption had permeated every level of the company from the C.£.0. to the maikroom worker; they all were guilly of fraud and deception. “The worms he ate permeated the carcass" reaily doesn't make a lot of sense! The smell of saverkraut permeated the small apartment, but Fritz had to have a pinch fo have good luck in the new year! V463. PERUSE (v): to examine in detail, to read carefully Synonym: study Robin perused the job application before she turned it in to make sure it was correct. PERVERSE (adj.). continuing in a stubborn way to do what is wrong or harmful; obstinate ‘Synonym: contrary (LINK: REVERSE) The perverse man continued to smoke, ignoring his doctor's orders to stop. Deadwood Drew's horse was so perverse that he often would go in reverse. VAi85. PETULANT (adj): ill humor, irritable, cranky (LINK: PET HUNT) The petulant child had a tantrum because the babysitter would only let her watch one movie. The pet hunt for the car keys made father petulant / 168. PLEBEIAN (adj): one of the common people; vulgar, coarse or common WAY The city boy considered the country boy plebeian in his tastes and outlook. (n): one of the common people Matt's tastes were those of a plebeian: he preferred McDonald's over an expensive restaurant. Whereas the aristocrats in ancient society were patrician, the commoners were plebeian. POIGNANT (adj ). (1) intensely affecting the feelings or senses; (2) sharp, cutting (as in satire) ‘Synonyms: pungent, touching The lilacs filled the garden with a poignant scent. Hallmark commercials, especially during holidays, are often poignant Mad Magazine is noted for its poignant humor. 168. PRECARIOUS (acl): insecure; uncertain; risky (LINK: CARRY US) The painter's position on the ladder was extremely precarious. To escape the dinosaur, Mississippi Jones carried us to safety across a precarious bridge. PRECIPITOUS (adi): (1) very steep; (2) sudden, rash or over-hasty Many tourists visiting Pittsburgh are unnerved by the precipitous streets that lead to Ml. Washington The engaged couple took everyone by surprise when they made the precipitous decision to elope. of. //170 PRECOCIOUS (adj ). developed or matured beyond normal for one's age, especially in mental capacity, talent, etc. The young girl was precocious’ she learned to read at the age of two. Go rnenocamve (n): a prior or special privilege, especially of rank, class, etc. Synonym. right tis a parent's prerogative to establish rules for their children to follow ‘Most governors have the prerogative of pardoning prisoners \AT2. PREVAIL (v). to be victorious; to overcome rivals; to persuade (LINK: SAIL) His coach prevailed upon Jeff to stop moaning about the team’s joss and get ready for the next game. The boat with the biggest sail usually prevails. (ra) PREVARICATE (v): to evade the truth; to lie Synonym: to equivocate The child prevaricated when he asked if he had broken the vase: he said the dog, which ran through the room, was the culprit a (74. PROWESS (n) —_ exceptional skill and bravery (LINK: PROWLER) Vv The bungling burglar obviously did not have the prowess of a master prowler! Sioux chief Crazy Horse's prowess in leading his warriors to battle is legendary. (as bunmrve (adj.): inflicting, involving, or aiming at punishment |f the vandalism doesn't stop, the school administration will take punitive action. ire QUANDARY (n.): state of perplexity, difficult or uncertain situation (LINK: LAUNDRY) The police were in a quandary, the butler's fingerprints were all over the murder ‘weapon, but he was two thousand miles away and appearing on the Tonight Show when the murder was committed. When Billy gave rides in the dryers in the taundromat, his mother found herself in a quandary fn QUEUE (v orn). to form or to wait in line; a line The soldiers formed @ queue in front of the mess tent when they saw the cook enter the fent. V178. RAMIFICATION (n): branching; consequence Synonyms: offshoot, a derived effect (LINK: RAMS ON VACATION) Too many students do not consider the serious ramifications of plagiarism. Larry learned about a possible ramification of encountering rams while on vacation. V/ Vi79. RAZE (W). to level to the ground: to destroy Synonym. demolish The old building was razed to make room for the new office complex. (co) RECIPROCAL (adj): an equal retum or counter-action by each of two sides. A reciprocal trade agreement between Mexico and the United States benefits both sides equally. Pensive Thinking deeply, often of sad melancholy things. Link: Expensive “Jack eso pensive... that diamond ring i really expensive!” -Affer losing the game, the players sat on the benches, very mad and pensive. -When Frank came home after a very stressful day of work, he sat down in his chair very quiet and pensive.