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The Oversoul

(information from the Council of light - Relayed by John Hawkins)

What is the Oversoul?

We now speak. The Oversoul you could liken as the mother and father aspect of the soul personality. The soul personality being that of which is perceived as a separate identity based on experience which the oversoul oversees. Oversoul is the consciousness which many refer to as Kryst Consciousness,as we will use these interchangeably at times. Although with in a soul personalities consciousness when they reach Kryst consciousness this is the permanent link in balance and integration with the oversoul consciousness.

We ask you to visualize if you will a Circle. This circle represents the monad, which is the connection point from god mind to the first thought out of god mind which is Kryst Consciousness (oversoul) in all its glory. Branching out from this circle is 12 separate circles connected by the branches to the center of the Monadic Circle which we first described. From these 12, visualize 12 more branches coming from each of the 12 oversoul spheres which we just created. Now each of these smaller spheres branching from each oversoul sphere represents the soul personalities which are present with in each oversoul stream of consciousness. This has much to do with the true teachings of the earth humans astrological charts at this point, as the sun would represent the oversoul and the constellations the personalities aspects, we hope this strengthens the perception of the visualization. we must go further into the depth of this visual diagram. From each soul personality branching out from the oversoul sphere there are another 12 Sub-Personalities branching from each Soul Personality.

Now you see, we have 12 sub personalities connected to 1 soul personality (12+1=13), 12 Soul personalities connected to 1 oversoul (12+1=13), and finally 12 oversouls to 1 monadic structuring which is the "cord" so to speak for the connection to god mind. (12+1=13). Thus we have a 13x13x13 matrix within the mind of god which creates the oversoul matrix.

Meditate deeply on these concepts as much knowledge will be presented within these words and visual diagram as it explains your true nature in many realities at once.


The Oversoul

We leave this dictation reminding each and everyone of you that you are loved beyond imagination. Rejoice in the infinite light and love of the mind of god, for its infinite glory reigns upon you.