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Recap of Meeting on July 25, 2013, 6:30 PM 1. Attendance 2. Icebreaker 3. Officer Applications a.

No one submitted an officer application, so we did elections at the meeting there is still one position open as well as one person doing two positions at once 4. The Search for a Campus Advisor a. We have found two campus advisors: Chyna Miller, a tutoring coordinator, and Heather Thomas, an academic advisor 5. Upcoming Events a. On August 9, from 7 to 9 PM, the International Church of Las Vegas is having a Zumba Party to benefit efforts to stop human trafficking: b. From August 23 to 30, Three Square is having Restaurant Week where participating restaurants will donate proceeds to fight hunger in Southern Nevada when you eat there: c. On August 3 at 3 PM, the Las Vegas Rescue Mission is hosting Walk a Mile in My Shoes to benefit homelessness: 6. Officer Positions President (No one currently!) Attends the Leadership Summit, oversees all officers, meets with chapter advisor monthly, and registers chapter on campus as a recognized organization Star Status Coordinator (Erika Rodriguez) Ensures that the UNLV Chapter meets various nationally-set requirements for the good standing of the club Treasurer/Secretary (Mekdelawit Mezgebu, Records minutes of minutes, takes attendance, prepares the budget, oversees all financial transactions, and plans fundraising activities VP of Community Service (Elizabeth Alvarez) Coordinates and attends all community service events VP of Events (Mihaela Ciulei, Organizes meetings, oversees the Induction of new members in the fall, secures speakers for events VP of PACE (Mecca Walker) Organizes local Planning to Achieve Collegiate Excellence (PACE) which is a program where NSCS members tutor middle school children VP of Public Relations/Membership (Lucy LeBlanc, Coordinates public relations campaigns, participates in involvement fairs, visits classes and residence halls to increase publicity VP of Social Media (Mecca Walker) Maintains a chapter Facebook page, uploads and tags all pictures, responds to questions and comments posted on the page