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Minutes of Meeting Date : 13 June 2013 Time : 9:30 AM Venue : Royal Star GMA Branch

Attendees: Mr. Cornelio M. Valena – Chairperson Ms. Aicitel Orpilla Mr. Arrol A. Navarro Mr. Ronaldo Quiton Mr. Patricio Lapascua Jr. Mr. Johannes B. Belolo Mr. Erwin Barnuevo Mr. Randy Arroyo

The meeting was presided by Mr. Valena, who called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m. and welcomed the members.

Agenda: 1. C.B, CDCR, Planner and other paraphernalias 2. Petty Cash 3. NCD 4. Supervisor schedules on different branches 5. Demand Letters (formal)

Discussion: 1. C.B., CDCR, and PLANNER should be updated daily. 2. Update DCM forms and should furnish copies to the office and the supervisor 3. Time keeping should be strictly observed. Record Time In and Time out . If going out to field, the supervisor should be informed personally or by text. 4. O.R.’s should be signed by the supervisor daily. 5. Daily itinerary and DCR should be submitted everyday.

Prepared by:

Erwin A. Barnuevo