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V4 vocagur00y, 40" GRADE VOCABULARY #181-200 AVAIL, V4e1__ REITERATE (\). repeat (several times) The waitress reiterated the menu so many times during the day that she wanted to scream! The teacher reiterated to every class her admonition fo turn work in on time. iso. RESILIENT (ec) abilty to return to original sizelshape; recovering strength, good spits, quickly Synonyms: elastic, buoyant, flexible The Californians’ resilient spirit enabled them to recover from the earthquake and mudslides 63, REVERE (y): to regard with great devotion or respect, to honor (LINK: PAUL REVERE) ‘Synonyms: venerate, worship, adore Hero of the American Revolution, Paul Revere is greatly revered. Mother Teresa was greatly revered by all who knew of her humanitarian work in Africa. Mea SORDID (adj); mean and base; filthy; mercenary or meanly selfish Synonyms: dirty, wretched, vile Tabloids like the National Inquirer sells papers by including sordid stories about celebrities SOVEREIGN (adj): superior to all things chief, supreme; holding position of a ruler or monarch America has become a sovereign nation in its influence in world events Queen Elizabeth is the sovereign of Great Britain (6) sPoraoic (adj): occurring occasionally, singly, or in scattered instances Synonyms: infrequent Because Barb's attendance was sporadic, she didn't understand the material on the test ar ‘SPURN (¥); to reject with disdain (LINK: BURN) Synonyms: scorn, repel, snub Robert was burned when Rebecca spurned him. John thought he made a fair offer for the house, but the owner angrily spurned his offer. es STRINGENT (adj): strict; severe; tight ‘Synonyms: exacting, rigid The private school had a stringent dress code that disallowed bare shoulders. (@ee)suurey (adi): close, hot, humid; capable of exciting strong sexual desires ‘Synonyms; sweltering, torrid, voluptuous Summer weather in the Caribbean is often sultry. The waitress sent him sultry glances across the crowded restaurant. eo SUNDRY (adj): various, several, miscellaneous (LINK: SUNDAE) Jimmy had sundry ice cream sundaes for his birthday. ‘Sundry articles in the newspaper would have you believe that global warming theories are true. \TEMPORAL (adi): worldly as opposed to spiri fal, of oF relating to Synonyms. civil e; transitory |, secular, temporary A monk who is cloistered in a monastery has no concern for temporal matters. (62 TRUNCATE (v). to shorten by cutting off (LINK: TRUNK CUT) Synonyms; abridge, curtail The lumberjack truncated the tree when he cut the trunk halfway to the top. Since his students were falling asleep, the history professor truncated his speech J UBIQUITOUS (adj): the quality of being everywhere (or seeming to) at the same time ‘Synonyms. omnipresent (LINK: BIG AS US) When you're as big as us, you feel ubiquitous! Computer were once rare, but today are more ubiquitous than typewriters! fea UNWIELDY (ad): hard to handle or manage; clumsy (LINK: WHEEL) The first wheels were a bit unwieldy. The moving men had a hard time fitting the huge, unwieldy recliner into the dorm room. The movie plot was so confusing and unwieldy that we couldn't figure out the plot es VERBATIM (adj): using exactly the same words, word for word (LINK: VERN'S BAT) Vern wrote his coach's batting instructions verbatim on his bat! The scout leader cautioned his troop to follow fire safety rules verbatim, Vice. VERTIGO (0): the sensation of dizziness (LINK: WHERE TO GO) When test pilot Bob developed a bad case of vertigo, he didn’t know where fo go! Chuck Yeager kept his eyes on the controls of the plane so as not fo experience vertigo and Jose track of the panel instruments (a)rutent (ad)): extremely poisonous or injurious, bitterly antagonistic or spiteful, highly infectious ‘Synonyms: deadly, hateful, malignant The U.S. is expecting a virulent strain of the flu this winter (ice) rmoue (adj). extremely biting or caustic; sharp and bitter (vitriolic talk) ‘Synonyms: acrimonious The Senator was publicly censured for his vitriolic speech condemning the’sitting president because it was believed that he crossed the line of decency when he cursed repeatedly. ies VOLITION (n): an act of choosing, using one’s own will in a conscious choice (LINK: GO FISHIN") Synonyms: will Of his own volition, Bryan would have preferred to go fishin’! The general had to decide whether the private had deserted of his own volition or whether, as he claimed, to rescue a wounded comrade. ooo WANE (v): to decrease gradually (LINK: RAIN) Synonyms: fade, subside, ebb, abate, slacken Snowmen wane in the rain. ‘Mary's interest in Jack began to wane when she saw him with three other girls in one week. Waning video rentals prompted Blockbuster fo rescind its late fees in an effort to compete with ‘on-demand movies and pay-per-view. REITERATE. repeart(several tines) Link: RE- EAT Lorry insisted on Sveraring eating all doy + Sra SUSIE USING my CO