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Chua, James Albert N.1 The Reaction Paper James Albert N. Chua English 10 WFQ Mr. Richmon M. Pancho July 26, 2013 2012-24038, ENG’G, BS Geodetic Engineering Chua, James Albert N.2 The Reaction Paper Last Friday, we were given the chance to watch a documentary about food called Food Inc. Honestly I thought it was going to be a little bit boring since I associate food documentaries with boring food processing lines in factories with a very mundane voiceover. But as soon as the film I realized that I might be wrong. This wasn’t your average food documentary, it was something else. The film started by showing a long aisle filled with different types of food items, most of which were factory packaged and sealed. The narrator of the story then goes to ask the viewers if they know where these packaged and processed goods came from. The intro of the film was really well made. The directors were smart enough not to make the whole idea of the film available within the first few minutes so that they could create a sense of mystery for the viewers. How so? If you may ask, they were able to pull this off by giving morsels of information to the viewers by doing so they did not saturate the viewers with too much information or with too little information, which might cause the viewers to lose interest. In terms of cinematography, they were able to make good use of the signs that we could see above an aisle in the supermarket. That is where they placed the opening credits of the film. The transition from the supermarket to the factory was also very smooth. As a viewer you wouldn’t be aware of the transition of the different clips that they shot. 2012-24038, ENG’G, BS Geodetic Engineering Chua, James Albert N.3 As the film progresses, it showed the different basic types of food products that there were on the market and the reality that all of these were only controlled by a few companies. It used an info graph in the form of a cow to help show the data in a very visually pleasing manner. 2012-24038, ENG’G, BS Geodetic Engineering