Lab Exercises # 7 & 8 (Two weeks assignment) To study effect of the feedback loop gain on steady state error.

Feedback loop gain can only be adjusted by controller gains of KG1 and by KH, however KH is always set equal to input factor A. Therefore designer has left with adjusting KG1 gain to achieve desired steady state performances. That is, required steady state error can be achieved by setting appropriate value of KG1 gain. Following is the model of steady state feedback control system that shall be used in this exercise. All inputs are fixed, that is u = 5 units and r = 10 units. In this assignment you will take different values of KG1 gain and study the corresponding change in the steady state error.

u 0 . 5 r 2 + _ e K



8 2 Exercise 7: 1. 5. Verify the manually obtained results by simulations on MultiSIM. 2. 7. Take KG1 = [1 10 100 1000] and [manually] estimate % error = ( e /r ) * 100. Using Masson’s Formula determine equation for error e against two inputs (r & u). you can use POLYFIT command for function estimation. Ashab Mirza Course In-charge: Control System I . [use: >> help polyfit] Exercise 8: 4. Give your conclusion just in ONE STATEMENT. 6. Plot % error Vs KG1 on MATLAB. Record these results in a Table. Compare all results in a Table. Practically verify your results in lab. 3. and Discuss them. Also plot its function.Figure 7. Plot should individual errors by (*).

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