POEMS THE RIVER (FORM 1) THEME 1. Man and nature. 2. Nature can be beneficial and destructive. 3. Challenges in life MR. NOBODY (FORM 1) 2. Honesty. 3. Family life. I WONDER (FORM 2) 2. Learning by observing and asking questions. 3. Thirst of knowledge. 4. The curiosity of a child. HEIR CONDITIONING (FORM 2) 1. Being materialistic. 2. Man and nature. 2. We can learn many things by observing and asking questions. 3. We must hunger for knowledge just like children do. 4. We should never lose our child-like qualities such as curiosity. 1. We must no be materialistic. 2. We must value and care for nature such as trees and rivers. 2. Be thankful to the one who is responsible for such beauty. 1. The wonders of nature. 2. We must always tell the truth. 3. We must do our jobs or chores responsibly. 1. We must appreciate the wonders of nature. 2. Only cowards do not have moral strength to admit their mistakes. 1. Responsibility. MORAL VALUE / LESSON 1. We must appreciate nature for example rivers. 2. We must remember that nature, like the river, can be useful and it can also destroy. 3. We should face problems in life positively. 1. We must be responsible for what we do. MESSAGE 1. Stability is important in life.

1. We must have the courage to admit our wrongdoings.

1. Learn to observe and to appreciate nature.

1. Progress comes with a price. 2. Our heirs will inherit a bleak world if we continue with our current ways.

We must rest and relax to work better. Working without rest. Society must be free of corruption. We should not work all the time with no rest. Sacrifice for independence. 4. The importance of leisure. Greed THEME MORAL VALUE / LESSON 3. 3. 3. We must sacrifice to fight for our country’s independence. 1. We must be contented with what we have. Maintaining a balance in life. 4. 3. We must not be greedy. Appreciation of nature. We must have the courage to speak up against deceit. 2. 3. We should be united to be strong. 4. 4. LEISURE (FORM 3) 2. 1. Life is full of challenges. 5. The beauty of nature. 1. 1. People should make time to relax and enjoy life. . 2. Duty towards country.POEMS HEIR CONDITIONING (FORM 2) A FIGHTER’S LINES (FORM 3) 3. 5. 2. We must appreciate nature. 4. Being contented. MESSAGE 4. Greed brings problems. 1. 1. We must observe and enjoy the beauty of nature. People should be united and fight for justice. Patriotism. We must be patriotic and show our love to the country. 3. 2. 2. We should do our duty to our country. Courage. The importance of unity.

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