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Published by: Nagendran Rajendran on Jul 26, 2013
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Important points on Enhancements in webdynpro

Enhancement : customizing the standard components according to our requirement.
Enhancement Types:
view Enhancement
window Enhancement
component Enhancement
controller Enhancement
view Enhancement:
we can modify the standard screen elements of standard views
we can change layouts in standard views
we can create new outbound plugs/inbound plugs in standard views
we can remove/add new screen elements in standard views.
we can also add/remove nodes/attributes in standard views in context.
we can change the properties of screen elements in standard views.
we make screen elements, visible/invisible based on conditions.
we make screen elements, enable/disable based on conditions.
Note: If required we can create also custom views in standard components.
Window Enhancement :
we can add/remove views from standard windows.
we can also Navigation links between the views inside window.
we can add/remove views from View container.
Note: if required we can create custom windows in standard components.
Component Enhancement:
WE can re-use component inside standard component. with the help "COMPONENT USAG
Controller Enhancement :
Implementing the code according to our requirement in standard components.
Note: we can also use all "code wizard options" in standard component for implem
enting code.
In controller enhancement ,
we use three types of "ENHANCEMENT METHODS" in standard components
Pre_exit( ) Method
Post_exit() Method
overwrite-exit( ) Method
Pre-exit( ): this method is executed "just BEFORE" executing standard method/act
Post-exit( ):this method is executed "just AFTER executing standard method/actio
Overwrite-exit( ): this method will override the standard method/action

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