2 Samuel 9-10
Winners are not born. They are made. But what makes a winner is not much on what’s seen but what’s inside. There are three major characters in chapters 9-10: David, Mephiboshet and Hanun. Two of them were winners while one was not. How did the two became winners? How can we also live as winners? Winners Have Big Minds One reason why David was a great king was because he had a good character. He had a BIG mind. It means his mind is big enough to think ‘only’ of himself, but it is large enough to think about others and their good. Are you a winner or do you want to become a winner? Then you should broaden up your Mind. Winners Have Humble Attitudes Mephiboshet was a winner because he bowed low before David and humbly accepted what was offered. “Humility is not thinking less of yourself than you are, but simply a recognition of the truth about yourself.” Humility is a winning attitude. If you want to become a winner in God’s eyes - Be humble and stay humble. Winners Have Good Judgments Hanun rejected David’s kind gesture and view it maliciously. It reached David and so he dispatched his strongest fighters in full force and Hanun suffered for it. What a loser. Hanun could have been a winner if he only chose to see the best in the situation. But he judged things poorly because he listened and entertained malice. Winners are what they are inside. They have BIG minds, HUMBLE attitudes and GOOD judgments. I’m glad God already made us winners in Christ. May we live it and enjoy a winning life.


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