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10 DOWNING STREET LONDON SWIA2AA (020 7930 4433 15 May 2009 Dear Mr Dale DATA PROTECTION ACT 1998 Thank you for your letter of 27 March to Damian McBride, and copied to the Cabinet Office, and your subsequent proof of identity received on 15 April, making a subject access request under the Data Protection Act “for copies of all emails, letters or other documents referring to either myself or my publication, “lain Dale’s Diary’. In particular, but not exclusively, the analysis provided by you to Derek Draper and on the afternoon of Friday 13, February 2009”. Attached to this letter are extracts from our records showing the personal data which we have identified and to which you are entitled. The extracts are in no particular order. Some of the information we hold identifies another individual. We have Not disclosed information about another individual unless we had their explicit or implicit consent or we considered that it was reasonable in all the circumstances to disclose it without their consent. We also hold an email dated 27 March from you to Damian McBride. We have not attached this but if you would like a copy, please let me know. If you feel that the information in this reply does not reflect the information you believe might be held about you and to which you are entitled, you should write to me, setting out your reasons. This does not affect your right to complain to the Information Commissioner or a court if you are dissatisfied with our reply. The address of the Information Commissioner is: The Office of the Information Commissioner Wycliffe House Water Lane Wilmslow Cheshire SK9 5AF | hope this is helpful. Yours Siacese) ASMoworA NICHOLAS HOWARD lain Dale REFERENCES TO: IAIN DALE The relevant part of an e-mail dated 4 February 2009: If you want to wind up the other aspect of Dale's Today interview: "What really gets to me is this apparently was said to [ ], who goes to West Bromwich Albion every Saturday afternoon, who I'm sure would hear far worse than that on the football terraces." The relevant part of an e-mail dated 4 February 2009: we are continuing to pile on the pressure and he is squealing in private e-mails to me. hilarious... The relevant part of an e-mail dated 13 February 2009 reads: this caption competition features a huge number of entries which are disgustingly racist about some black toddlers. So (i) how can [ ] tolerate hosting this kind of thing on his website; and (ii) why is a supposed anti- racist like Dale still linking to [ ]? http:/ An e-mail dated 6 March 2009 has a link to your website:! The relevant part of an e-mail dated 10 March 2009 reads: Then the predictable bile from lain Dale: yours.htm! An e-mail dated 27 March 2009 reads: In case you hadnt seen it - iain dale is on about you on his blog An email of 6 February holds a copy of an Evening Standard diary piece.