Questions: 1. In the past five years have you experienced a natural disaster? □ yes 2.

How long have you been staying/working in SJC? 3. Which of these natural disasters have you experienced while staying in SJC? Natural disaster Flooding Earthquake Terrorism Fire yes no

□ no

• • • •

4. How concerned are you personally about the preparedness on emergency and disasters? Natural Extremely Very concerned Somewhat Not disaster concerned concerned concerned concerned flooding earthquake Fire terrorism 5. Does st .jude college have an emergency management plan? [if yes] □ yes □ no  Are you aware on this emergency management plan of the school or on your department? □ yes □ no 6. Does the school or your department have a designated crisis response team that you are aware of? □ yes □ no 7. Does the school has an emergency preparedness coordinator that you are aware of? □ yes □ no 8. Does the school have on emergency response training and □ yes □ no drills/exercises? 9. Does SJC have an emergency warning notification? □ yes □ no 10. Will classes be cancelled in anticipation of an emergency? □ yes □ no 11. How often is the emergency plan updated? 12. What are the training procedures for staff/student related to emergency that you are aware of? 13. What should you do in the event of an emergency or disaster? 14. What are the most important items to include in a disaster supply kit? 15. What kinds of training that you think would be helpful to prepare yourself for emergencies?

Reference: Emergency Preparedness Policies and Practices in Public Schools in California

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