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Andrews vs Fremantle

Andrews vs Fremantle

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Published by Keith Pearson

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Published by: Keith Pearson on Jul 26, 2013
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1622. After the OVERSEER-DEFENDANTS released the criminal arrest history of the

White American Idol Contestants to mass media, the OVERSEER-DEFENDANTS thereafter

triumphantly championed them as models of excellence who were given a second chance to

“turn their life around” and live the “American Dream” through their participation on American


1623. Black American Idol Contestants who were disqualified in connection with their

arrest records were invariably portrayed by the OVERSEER-DEFENDANTS as “untrustworthy” and

“dangerous criminals” who had to be cast out into exile in order to preserve the “sanctity” of

American Idol and to protect its brandname identity as a “family-friendly” show.

1624. During ten years of broadcasting the show, no crime committed by ANY White

American Idol Contestant, no matter how egregious, was ever treated by the OVERSEER-

DEFENDANTS as a character flaw of the promoted White contestant. To the contrary, the criminal

arrest history of White American Idol Contestants was marketed to audiences as a positive

character attribute, perfectly suitable for the “family-friendly” show.




1625. With the assistance of the PRODUCTION-DEFENDANTS, seven (7) out of nine (9)

White American Idol Contestants managed to score lucrative record deals in the industry and

have NOT had their musical careers impaired by their participation on American Idol. It can be

fairly stated that the White Comparators enjoyed the full benefits and privileges of the

transaction without any material interference by the ENTERPRISE-DEFENDANTS.

1626. Based on an analysis of the foregoing statistical data, it is transparent that the

OVERSEER-DEFENDANTS made conscious, deliberate choices which invariably sought to

condemn Black American Idol Contestants (11 out of 15 who were Male) while at the same time

making decisions to advertise the criminal record history of a very select number of White

American Idol Contestants (8 out of 9 who were Male) in order to “teach” audiences about the

virtue of redemption (i.e., atoning for a fault, deliverance, salvation).

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