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Wellington PTA Spending Survey Results

Wolverine Track
30 25
With the predicted
program cuts from NSD 25 PTA pays approx. $4,000 a year 20
due to an $8.5 to $10 for bus transportation to fund
20 15
million dollar shortfall from a maximum of 2 field trips per
State funding, would you 15
Yes each class. Would you like to 10 yes
like to see PTA give funds 10 No see the following: 5
to support before/after
school programs that could 0
be cut by the district? 0 Continue funding Field Increase these funds Decrease these funds Require more out of
Orchestra Band Summer Cross Country Field & Track Other Sports Camp Casey Trip Transportation at pocket expense
School Current Level

Every year PTA provides 25
each classroom, along with 20 Currently Wellington PTA 25
music, PE, playground, nurse, provides funds to the library of
15 20
and other specialty services, $2,400 a year for books and
an Instructional No $1,200 a year for author visits.
Enhancement Fund (IEF) of
Would you like to see the 10 No
$300 to be used for 0
following: 5
curriculum and supplies for a Continue Increase IEF Decrease
total cost of $9,300. Would current IEF Funds IEF Funds 0
you like to see? Funds Additional author visits Additional books and leveled Decrease library funds
books for library

1-Most Important 2-Important 3-somewhat Important 4-least Important

20 19
Over the past years, Wellington PTA has 18
funded $3,000-$4,000 a year for 16
individual counseling for students at 14
Wellington on an as needed basis (last 12
year, PACE helped with funding by 10
donating $4,959 raised at their Sock Hop, 8 7 7 7
and PTA funded the remainder needed 6
(approx. $3,000)). (Teachers also 4
contribute to this program). Rank from 1 2
to 4, with 1 as most important and 4 as 0
least important. Continue funding for Emotional/social Social skill group Workshops for Fund training a peer Fund school wide Fund add'l counselor

Pg. 6
individ. counseling support for students mtgs for primary & students & parents mediation group behavior support 2 days a wk for
(currently funded) (new) intermediate for dealing with (new) program (new) conflict issues and
students (new) peer conflicts (new) social skills (new)