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Bach’s Fight For Freedom

In this story, you will meet a young boy, Frederick, who works for one of the
most famous composers and musicians ever known. Imagine yourself in the
year 1717, having the job of assisting a most disagreeable master for whom
you will eventually save the day.

1. What did Frederick Mueller receive for his birthday?

2. Was the birthday present something he really wanted?

3. What did Frederick want to be when he grew up?

4. To what animal did the Concert-Master compare Mr. Bach?

5. Who made noise while Bach was composing his music?

6. What was Mr. Bach’s “Fight for Freedom”?

7. What did the Duke do to Mr. Bach that was unfair?

8. Why was Frederick Mueller ashamed of his own father?

9. Why was Mr. Bach arrested? Who told on him?

10. How did Frederick feel about his father at the end?