1. A rectangular gate measures 8 ft by 6 ft (l= 8 ft) and is pinconnected at point B. If the surface on which the gates rests at A is frictionless, and if the water surface is 9 ft above point B, what is the reaction at A? Neglect the weight of the gate.

Given: Rectangular Gate Dimension= 8 ft by 6 ft Distance from water surface to point B= 8 ft Solution:

The inner radius is 15 cm. If it is held in place only along the bottom edge. what forced is requires to pull the shells apart? Given: Illustrations & Solutions: For inner hemispheric shell: .5 cm the seal is located half way between the inner and outer radius. Two hemispheric shells are perfectly sealed together and the internal pressure is reduced to 10% of atmospheric pressure. the gate holding back the oil is 80 cm high and 120 cm long. In the figure. If the atmospheric pressure is 100 kPa. and the outer radius is 15.2. what is the necessary resisting moment at that edge? Solution: ( ) ∑ 3.

∑ [ ( ) ] For outer hemispheric shell: .

From a depth of 10 cm in a lake to an elevation of 4000 m in the atmosphere. therefore. plot the variation of absolute pressure. Assume that the lake water surface elevation is at mean sea level and assume standard atmospheric conditions. Given: Depth = 10 cm Elev = 4000 m Atmospheric Pressure = 101.3 kPa Solutions: Atmosphere pressure variation (troposphere) Pressure in water .∑ [ ( ) ] Since the seal is located halfway between the inner and outer radius. 4.

standard atmosphere. What is the atmospheric pressure at an elevation of 20.5.000 ft (6906 m) if the pressure and temperature at sea level are 14. Given: Solution: .7 psia (101 kPa) and 60 (15 )? Use the lapse rate for U.S.

6. Find (a) the pressure differences . Express both answers in kPa. The distances and manometer deflection are indicated on the figure. A manometer is used to measure the pressure difference between points A and B in a pipe shown. and (b) the difference in piezometric pressure. Water flows in the pipe and the specific gravity of the manometer fluid is 3. . Given: S= 3 Solution: ( ) ( ) .0.

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