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Handel’s Last Chance

A young boy named Jamie O’Flaherty with an angelic face and voice, sings in the
marketplace for coins one minute, then helps his friend steal a chicken for their dinner the
next. As the boys run away, trying not to be caught, George Handel, the famous composer,
ends up with the chicken and the solutions to the problems at hand.

As you watch, answer these questions.

1. Why did Jamie not fit in at this new school?

2. Who gave Jamie the nickname “Mutt”, and why?

3. Was Mr. Handel rich or poor? How can you tell?

4. How did Jamie help his mother at night?

5. Explain what is meant by the title “Handel’s Last Chance”

6. If Jamie stayed in school, he wanted Mr. Handel to teach him something he

knew nothing about. What was that?

7. What happened to Jamie’s mother when he was allowed to go to school?

8. How did Mr. Handel happen to hear Jamie singing for the first time?

True / False

_____9. With limited ability, Jamie was asked to read a passage from a Shakespeare play in
front of his new class.

_____10. Jamie burned a hole in Mr. Handel’s choir robe while ironing it for his mother.

_____11. Because he was so exhausted, Jamie sang “out of tune” when he auditioned for Mr.
Handel’s choir.

_____12. Being accused of stealing Mr. Handel’s gold watch, Jamie was thrown in jail.
_____13. Through the jail window, Jamie’s friend got his attention by clapping his hands in a
certain way.



Writing Assignment
Using one of the following options as the main idea, rewrite the
ending of the story from a different perspective. What would
have happened if..

• Jamie was actually untuned singer with no musical talent?

• Jamie’s father was not deceased but suddenly returned
home to take care of the family?
• Handel injured his hand badly and could not direct or play his
new composition in Dublin?