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Liszt’s Rhapsody
Study Guide

Answer these questions as you watch. Note: not all questions are in order—Pay

1. Who first taught the gypsy boy to play the violin so well?

2. Who went with the boy, Josy, to stay at Liszt’s home for his training?

3. What did Josy do when he got angy at Liszt about the music?

4. What was Josy accused of doing, just because of who he was?

5. What does it mean the Franz Liszt “was his own worst enemy”?

6. Why did Josy tell Franz Liszt that the piano was a stupid instrument?

7. How did Josy learn new music for the competition?

8. What did Liszt say had to come out of Josy’s prize money if he won the competition?

9. When Liszt told Josy he had practiced enough for the contest, what did Josy do?