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Music Theory and Terms

Answer as many as you can. You have 10 minutes.


A. Speed

____1. Allegro A. a walking speed

____2. Largo B. Very slow

____3. Tempo C. Very fast

____4. Andante D. Fast

____5. Adagio E. Lively

____6. Presto F. Slow

____7. Moderato G. Speed

B. Volume

____1. medium soft A. mp

____2. crescendo B. mf

____3. medium loud C. f

____4. diminuendo D. p

____5. Dynamics E. ff

____6. very soft F. gradually louder

____7. very loud G. gradually softer

____8. loud H. pp

____9. Soft I. Volume

C. Rhythm

What kind of notes are these?

____1. A. Whole note

____2. B. Quarter note

____3. C. Half note

____4. D. Eighth note

____5. E. Sixteenth note

How many beats does each note get?

____1. Quarter note A. One quarter of one beat

____2. Eighth note B. Two

____3. Whole note C. One half of one beat

____4. Half note D. One

____5. Sixteenth note E. Four