Yeshwantrao Chavan College of Engineering

(An Autonomous Institution under R.T.M. Nagpur University) EVEN-Resit ESE 2012-2013 End Semester Theory Examination of Fourth Semester BE(Regular)

Time : SHIFT I I 2 PM To 5 PM

Programme /Date

25.06.2013 Shift II

27.06.2013 Shift II

28.06.2013 Shift II
CV208/CV604 Concrete Technology

29.06.2013 Shift II
CV212/CV510 Environmental Engineering-I

01.07.2013 Shift II
CV214/CV512 Building Construction and Building Drawing(4Hrs)

02.07.2013 Shift II

IV SEM Civil Engineering

GE204/GE216/ GE504/GE604 CV210/CV508 Numerical Methods Surveying -I and Statistical Techniques

IV SEM Mechanical Engineering

GE204/GE216/ ME212/ME511 GE504/GE604 Numerical Methods Engineering Thermodynamics and Statistical Techniques

ME210/ME509 Mechanical Measurements

ME213/ME512 Dynamics of Machinary

ME217/ME613 ME215/ME611 Manufacturing Hydraulic Machines Processes - II

IV SEM Electrical Engineering

GE204/GE216/ EL209/EL505 GE504/GE604 Numerical Methods Object Oriented Programming and Statistical Techniques

EL207/EL608 EL211/EL610 Electrical Machines - Electrical Machine Design II

EL213/EL507 Electric and Magnetic Fields

IV SEM Electronics Engineering

GE204/GE216/ GE504/GE604 EE208/EE508 Numerical Methods Electronic Circuit and Statistical Analysis Techniques

EE207/EE507 Electromagnetic Fields

EE210/EE701 Microcontroller & Interfacing

EL217/EL222/ EL617 Control Systems

IV SEM Computer Technology IV SEM Electronics and Telecomm. Engineering IV SEM Information Technology

CT207/CT603 Computer Architecture & Organization

ET213/ET501 Microprocessor

CT221/CT505 Object Oriented Programming

CT208/CT604 System Programming

GE206/GE506/ GE510 Discrete Mathematics & Graph Theory

GE204/GE216/ GE504/GE604 ET207 Numerical Methods Electromagnetic and Statistical Fields Techniques

ET208 Electronic Circuit Analysis

ET210 EL217/EL222/ EL617 Microcontroller and Control Systems Applications

ET215 Information IT208 Computer Theory and Architecture & Communication Organization

IT206 Microprocessors Based System Design

IT209Theory of Computation

GE206/GE506/ GE510 Discrete Mathematics & Graph Theory


1.Seating arrangement will be displayed by the Examination In-Charge 2.The detailed schedule for showing answerbooks to students, during June 22 to 27 2013, will be displayed by HoD.

Dr. A. V. Bapat

Controller of Examinations

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