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Title Source Music CD

Soprano 1
Lindsey Brown the lark in the clear air My heart sings
Amy Chavez Sandy's Choice
Milagro Medrano The Violet My heart sings

Caitlyn Steeves Nymphs and Shepherds mezzo classical contest

Soprano 2
Josephine Vargas long, long ago Art songs for studio high
Halston Procell things my heart will know my heart sings
Jaqueline Gonzalez The Blue Bell mezzo classical contest
Katrina Cruz all through the night first book tenor
Alida Saenz Sandy's Choice
Suzie Chong When I am Laid Mezzo Aria Book
Alto 1

Christina Quintanilla Sandy's Choice

Ashley Vallejo He Shall Feed His Flock mezzo classical contest
Leticia Covarrubias Oft Have I Sighed Contralto Songs

Alto 2
Sharaa Mitchell Think On Me young singer mezzo
Brittney Vaughn O My Deir Hert Contralto Songs
Silvia Trejo If my heart sings
Daana Godinez Sandy's Choice

Hector Aceves the black dress first book tenor
Sebastien Come again, sweet love first book tenor
David Ozuna Sandy's Choice
Cameron Lamb here amid the shady wood pathways 4 high
Stewart Dears Sandy's Choice
Jonathan Torres the daisies first book tenor

Jose Alvares verdant meadows pathways vol 1 low
Corey Davis passing by pathways vol 2 low
Robert Hansen requiem young singer baritone
Daniel Serrato Eileen Aroon pathways vol 2 low
Ray Allen Jesus, Jesus Rest your head niles book low
David Rodriguez love has eyes pathways vol 3 low
Learned Ready