1st year MBA, 1st semester Time-Table for the academic year 2012 Time & Day MON TUS WED THU FRI SAT 9.30 to 10.20 FAA ME DBMS QABD QABD QABD 10.20 to 11.10 BE MTP FAA ME ME OC 11.10 to 12.00 BE BE OC FAA DBMS ME 12.00 to 12.50 MTP QABD OC MTP DBMS FAA 12.50 to 1.20 1.20 to 2.10 2.10 to 3.00 3.00 to 3.50

IT-----------------LAB IT-----------------LAB QABD MTP OC DBMS QABD DBMS MTP ME FAA OC BE BE

With effect from

C-101 Management Theory and Practice C-102 Managerial Economics C-103 Financial Accounting and Analysis C-104 Organization Communication C-105 Business Environment C-106 Quantitative Analysis for Business Decision C-107 Data base Management System C-108 Information Technology I-Lab


P.Vijaya ravi Y.Kishore Dr.M.Aravind P.Krishna sunil G.V.A.Lakshmi jyothi R.Srividya M.Suresh M.Suresh

Professor& Head

Department of Business Administration PRINCIPAL .

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