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CPWG12 IP10 en-Route Diversion Airports

CPWG12 IP10 en-Route Diversion Airports

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CPWG/12 – IP/10 6/12/2011

Twelfth Meeting of the Cross Polar Trans East Air Traffic Management Providers’ Work Group (CPWG/12) (Beijing, China, 6-9 December 2011) Agenda Item 4: Status on CPWG/10 Actions INFORMATION OF ETOPS ALTERNATIVE AIRPORTS DEVELOPMENT AS OF DECEMBER 2011 (Action Item CP10-14) (Presented by State ATM Corporation) SUMMARY This paper presents information from the State ATM Corporation on Russian En-route Alternate Airports. 1 Introduction

1.1 At the CPWG/10 meeting, United Airlines requested that State ATM Corporation prepare a status report on major en-route alternates to highlight recent developments and modernization efforts. State ATM Corporation has duly polled each of the en-route alternative airports and summarized the information as requested. Below is additional information since the CPWG/11 meeting. 2 Discussion

Abakan (UNAA) The regional authorities were planning a major refurbishment of the existing terminal and runway. The modernization project was set for 3 – 5 years. The runway reconstruction would be financed from the federal budget appropriations. Kazan (UWKD) The airport was building a new A1 terminal. The target date was early 2012. The new terminal would be used for domestic and international charter flights. The projected throughput capacity was 1.2 million passengers a year (600 passenger an hour). After completion of the new terminal, the airport would start working on refurbishment of the existing terminal. It was planned to expand its capacity to 2 million passengers a year. Thus the overall capacity would increase to 3.2 million passengers a year. 2012 would also see a complete runway and apron refurbishment. The airport planned to install new navigational aids. In 2013 the airport would open a high-speed express railroad between the city downtown and the airport. The railroad station would be linked with the new terminal. Khabarovsk (UHHH) The airport opened up new transit and business-class lounges. The airport CFR status was upgraded to 9. Thus the airport became the only airport in the Russian Far East with such high CFR category and fourth in Russia. This would allow handling diversions of practically any existing aircraft type, including A388. The airport also purchased two brand-new KAR KUNZ refueling vehicles. The local maintenance and repair unit was certified by EASA to perform maintenance on Boeing 757 and Airbus A320 type aircraft. The international consortium led by South Korean Inchon International Airport and Daewoo Engineering presented a master plan covering the development of Khabarovsk regional hub between 2013 – 2030. The


Some appropriations from the federal budget would be available by 2013 to finance reconstruction of the existing terminal and extension of the existing runway. The segment 3 area would cover 254 thousand square meters. Petersburg (ULLI) The airport modernized and expanded the international departures section in the terminal 1.CPWG/12 – IP/10 6/12/2011 consortium was planning to invest at least 300 million US dollars in construction of a new terminal. There were opened new business and transit lounges. the de-icing fluid storage was doubled.passenger bus (MAZ) for 72 persons and boarding ramp for disabled persons . Samara (UWWW) The airport upgraded runway lightning system.5 .nose in tow tractor TPX-200 MT (TLP) . The construction work would start in 2017. The terminal 2 expanded check-in area. Ulyanovsk-Vostochny (UWLW) The airport was planning to complete construction of a new international terminal in 2012.container loader Commander 30i . Lightning and radio equipment was undergoign certification. The airport also purchased the following new equipment: . The two phase project was aimed at expanding the airport capacity to 2.5 thousand square meters.a fire-truck 2 . to design the segment 3 of the existing terminal. St. A new apron movement scheme was introduced. With the completion of the segment 2 in 2017 and segment 3 the overall terminal space would increase by 9 times to 919. Volgograd (URWW) The airport was working on the modernization plans. purchased additional de-icing trucks. Yakutsk (UEEE) A new terminal was under construction.ground power-unit TUG GRU-400 on “Valday” chassis . Murmansk (ULMM) The airport completed reconstruction and reinforcement of runway and taxiways pavements. Moscow – Domodedovo (UUDD) The airport contracted RMJM.5 million a year by 2020 and to 4 million a year by 2030. The terminal was under reconstruction too. The airport purchased additional power generators and was planning to build its own mini power station. A new lightning system was installed. The airport was also going to upgrade the VIP lounge and business aviation terminal.two passenger buses (MAZ) for 122 persons . The airport also bought 5 additional de-icing trucks (total number increased to 24).toilet service equipment for aircraft TCA-1. a European design studio.

The work was performed by the Innovative Center of Civil Aviation using the sample of Amsterdam Schipol airport.700*60m.fire-truck .fuel tanker .5 million passengers a year later. It was planed to build a new terminal with the capacity of 2.CPWG/12 – IP/10 6/12/2011 Magadan (UHMM) There were not much changes in the last six months.Tow tractor (TUG) capable of towing aircraft with the weight of up to 300 tons .new passenger bus .forklift cargo handler . The airport bought: . 3. Lighting and navigation equipment for RW29 were upgraded to ICAO CAT II standard.passenger buses.prime movers . The airport security system was enhanced as well with the use of biometric technology.belt cargo conveyer . A hangar complex was built. PCN 70.fuel tanker TZ-40 (not delivered yet) Krasnoyarsk (UNKL) Repair work on the runway and apron was progressing according to the schedule.3 million passengers in a year time and 3. Including: . Runway pavement was improved with asphalt concrete type “A”. 3 . Norilsk (UOOO) The airport bought 15 units of new equipment for aircraft servicing and 11 for aerodrome maintenance.passengers steps . a paperless technology for cargo handling. It was planned to also build a main taxiway.ground power-unit . The airport issued a NOTAM stating that it was now available as a en-route diversion airport for A388 type aircraft.catering loader with lift .follow-me vans Security arrangements were tightened up. Fire-fighting system in passenger terminals was improved. Novosibirsk (UNNT) NSK airport was preparing for implementation of a new e-Freight system. 28 airlines (including 8 international) were operating flights from Krasnoyarsk to 63 destinations (including 24 international) in 2011. The system was capable of screening large numbers of passengers and detecting terrorist threats. 21 units of new equipment were bought including: .

The passenger terminal was reconstructed. Moscow Sheremetyevo (UUEE) The airport authority started working on certification of the airport for Boeing 787 (Dreamliner). The airport purchased a new passenger bus MAZ-171.CPWG/12 – IP/10 6/12/2011 Irkutsk (UIII) The airport completed the phase 1 of the runway reconstruction. А320. Vladivostok (UHWW) A new terminal and apron were still under construction. It was added with new business class and VIP lounges. RW25L/07R renewed and extended. apron. 4 . В737. В767. 3 Recommendation a. B777 A300. The airport was officially certified for B767. RW25R/07L was closed due to WIP (RW surface renovation). Bratsk (UIBB) The airport recently bought a brand-new deicing equipment “Safe aero Typhoon” Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (UHPP) The airport was planning to build a new terminal and make runway resurfacing. The traffic increased by 20 % reaching more than 1 million passengers in the last 10 months. It allowed increasing the apron capacity and optimizing ground movements to/from the apron. A new taxiway D was commissioned in October. А319. B747. А340. The new lightning system was commission and fuel storage facilities improved. The interior space was expanded to 1300 square meters and throughput capacity increased to 800 passengers an hour. 2011 1800 meters of runway was replaced with a brand-new asphalt concrete pavement and a new drainage constructed. Construction of a new ATC tower commenced in September. The terminal was added with a new business-class lounge with free Wi-Fi. А321. Anadyr (UHMA) 1000 meters of runway pavement. A330 operations. А330. В757. The airport hoped to complete resurfacing of remaining 900 meters of the runway in summer 2012. В747. New RW had a smooth gradient to the both sides to allow water to leave the RW. Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (UHSS) New passenger stairs for А300. New lightning equipment was installed. The Meeting is invited to note the information presented in this paper. As of August 8. Starting the late November this year airport became operational for long haul aircraft. В777 type aircraft. The airport was also considering to build a new international terminal due to the expanding international operations. parking bays and taxiways were renewed during the summer and autumn 2011. but the date of construction was determined yet.

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