Universal USB Installer ©2009-2013 Lance http://www.pendrivelinux.

com (offered und er GNU GPL License) - see Uni-USB-Installer-Copying Background of Universal USB Installer (UUI): Universal USB Installer is an easy to use installer script I wrote using NSIS (N ullsoft Scriptable Install System) to automate the creation of a bootable USB de vice containing the Live Linux Distribution of your choice. How Universal USB Installer (UUI) WORKS: This tool utilizes Syslinux to make the drive bootable, and in some cases chainl oads to Grub4DOS and uses a corresponding menu.lst. A syslinux.cfg file or text. cfg file may also used in some cases. 7-zip is used to extract the files from the ISO or Zip to the USB device. The co mpressed filesystem of the Live Linux distribution being placed on the device is not altered in any way. DD for Windows (dd.exe) and Mke2fs are used to make a casper-rw persistent file for storing changes. The casper persistent feature was created by Ubuntu and can in theory be used on any Ubuntu based remix. Credits Resources and Tools used: * Grub4DOS grldr © the Gna! people http://www.gnu.org/software/grub (unmodifie d binary used) : Specific Grub4DOS link: http://gna.org/projects/grub4dos/ * Syslinux © H. Peter Anvin http://syslinux.zytor.com (unmodified binary used) * DD for Windows dd.exe © John Newbigin http://www.chrysocome.net/dd (unmodifi ed binary used) * mke2fs.exe © Matt WU http://ext2fsd.sourceforge.net (unmodified binary used) * 7-Zip is © Igor Pavlovis http://7-zip.org (unmodified binaries were used) * Fat32format.exe © Tom Thornhill Ridgecorp Consultants http://www.ridgecr op.demon.co.uk (unmodified binary used) * Created with NSIS Installer © Contributors http://nsis.sourceforge.net (used to compile the .nsi script) NSIS is the easiest method I could find to automate the creation process, aside from batch installers which we have moved away from. To replace my tutorials and batch installer scripts, I initially created individ ual USB Installers that could be used to put a specific Live Linux Distro on USB . The individual USB installers were originally based on Cedric Tissieres's Tazusb .exe for Slitaz (slitaz@objectif-securite.ch). Cedrics Tazusb installer helped me quickly understand how NSIS works and how it could be applied to this situation. Remnants of Tazusb may even still reside in the UUI script. Many textbook and online resources were also used over the past several years to help me understand how to put everything together. Changelog: 05/14/13 - Version Update to support Ubuntu 13.10, Ubuntu Gnome 13. 04, and Debian Live 7. 04/25/13 - Version Update to support final release of Ubuntu 13.04, Kubuntu 13.04, Lubuntu 13.04, Xubuntu 13.04, and Edubuntu 13.04. 04/17/13 - Version Update to support REMnux, Linux Mint Debian 2013 03, Kubuntu 13.04, Lubuntu 13.04, Xubuntu 13.04, and Edubuntu 13.04. Fix some br oken links. 03/21/13 - Version Condense Code to make updates easier. Added supp

12/07/12 .9. Added MAAS boot option for Ubuntu Server 12. Fat32. Allow Spaces in U nlisted ISO Filenames.Version 1.10 (Quantal) Daily Build.3. Comodo Rescue Disk 2. Correct pointer for ubuntustudio. and Elementry Luna.04.Version 1. 11/14/12 .Version 1.2.1. and (G4L) Ghost for Linux.2. Archlinux 2013.1. See Additional Help Section for Insane Primary MBR messages. Boot Repair Disk . 08/15/12 .9.0.7.Version 03/08/13 . Can t find my self on the drive I booted from" errors.4.Version 1.7: Update to support GData 2012.9. Kubu ntu.0.2: Update to support Debian 6.2.16 and Comodo Rescue D isk. and latest puppy derivitives. Ultimate Edition 3. 01/14/13 .2. and Precise Puppy 5.0. Peppermint Three.ort for Kali Linux and Tails 0.2. Kubuntu.6: Update to support Ubuntu Update to use 7zip version 920.3: Update to support Tails 0.2.5: Update to support Ubuntu 13.06. and TAILS 0. Added support for DBAN 2.seed.9.9. Switch back to Syslinux 4.7.2. and Edubuntu 12. 01/18/13 . Linux Mi nt 13 XFCE and Linux Mint 13 KDE entries. 03/13/13 .4.04. Edub untu 12.9.10 entry.1.14 RC1. or NTFS formatted d . 07/12/12 . 10/04/12 . and Pinguy OS 12.0. Correct several dead links.2.1.Version 1.2. XBMCbuntu 12.3. 10/29/12 .0 entry. 07/25/12 . 09/06/12 . GRML.9.1. update to support Netr unner 12.Version 1. 12/24/12 . CentOS 6. Racy and Ca rMedia entries.0: Update to support Liberte 2012.2 DVD amd64. 08/25/12 . and Mythbun tu 12.1.Version 1. Fixed various broke n links.1.10.Version 1.Version 1. Fix broken LMDE 201204 Install options.0: Correct broken Ubuntu 13. 12/10/12 .04.1.8: Update to support Ubuntu 12.9: Added support for Linux Mint Added Gamedrift.9. 11/27/12 .3.9: Update to support Mythbuntu 12. Fuduntu 2012. Lubuntu.2 amd64.1.1: Correct Tails 0.005.9. 01/11/13 .0.8: Fix Lubuntu broken persistence feature.01. 10/23/12 .08. 02/25/13 .04. and ArtistX entries.7: Update to support Ultimate Boot CD 5. Added support fo r Ubuntu Studio 12.6: Update to support AOSS. Added missing pmedia=usbflash to puppy entries w here incorrect.1.06-pre7 to prevent "Insane primary (MBR) partition.Version 1.1. 12/18/12 . Knoppix 7.1.6.Version 1.Version 1. Update t o support StartOS (YLMF replacement). 08/02/12 .04.2. and Archlinux 2012.1.06-pre7 for better boo t support.9: Update to support Ubuntu.2 Desktop amd64.9.10.9. 02/15/13 .2.04 i386 Desktop entry.1.3.9. and Hiren's 15.9.Version 1.04.04. 08/22/12 . AntiX.9.0.9.Version 1.17.261647.9. Debian Live 6.5.Version 1.Version 1. Combin e Old and New Try Unlisted Linux ISO options into one. 10/22/12 .2: Update to support Debian Live 6. Precise 5.2. Ubuntu 12.4. Can t find myself on the drive I booted from" error.Version 1.9.8: Added Android x86 4.Version 1.12.1. and Backtrack 5r3 entrie s.9. Implement another attempt to address "Insane primary (MBR) partition.5.9.9. Linux Mint 14. 03/12/13 .Version 1.9. Fixed Tails entry.Version 1. and Crunchbang 11. Now supports NTFS format .2 Desktop amd6 4.Version 1.0: Added support for SLAX 7.2. Lucid Puppy v528.Version 1.4: Update to support Fedora 18.06.5: Added KXStudio 12.Version 1. Xubuntu. Added W ifiSlax. Peppermint Three. Fix Carmedia cfg.3: Update to support Ubuntu. Re-enabled built in Fat32 format option per request. 03/14/13 .Version 1.9.9.Version 1.Remove format option (must use a Fat16.1.0 2. Edubuntu 12.1: Update to use Syslinux v4.0.6: Added Ubuntu 12. newer Panda Safe C D. 09/21/12 .4: Update to use Syslinux 4.9.4: Update Bohdi. parted magic 2012.Version entry.04. Xubuntu. Temporary swit ch to Syslinux 4. Slacko 5.9. Added support for T ails 0.0.

Version 1.3: Added Ubuntu.10.8. 03/04/12 .8.3 and Fuduntu.8.Version 1. 04/17/12 . Fix broken Ubuntu Rescue Remix 11. (AVG was notified of the false positive detected in Syslinux 4. AVG Rescue CD.8. TinyCore 4.8: Added Linux Mint 13 Mate + Cinnamon.10 dvd. and Dreamlinux 5 entries. 01/22/12 .8. Xubuntu.4 .04 en try. and newer System Rescue CD.Version 1.05/AVG issue is resolved.9.Version 1.9.04 Install option.8. Fix Debian Live Standard entry to allow splash.Version 1. 02/07/12 .2 en tries. Corrected Mandriva 2011 insta ll from USB option. 05/10/12 .1: Added Slacko Puppy 5.Version 1.Version Revert to Syslinux 4.Version 1.8.Version 1. 2. Pear OS Debian and Panther entries.Version 1.0.5: Added Mythbuntu.9.4: Added Kororaa.4: Added Linux Mint Debian and LXDE.Version 1. Update to suppo rt Linux Mint 12 KDE.8.Version 1.8.04 options to support 32 and 64 bit variants.8. 05/30/12 .Version 1.8. Clonezilla Oneric.9. 07/05/12 .8.8. 03/11/12 .2: Added Terralinux and Matriux entries.0.0: Added Debian Live Standard.Version 1. Ubuntu 11. 04/25/12 . and Windows 8 installer entries.Version 1. update to su pport newer SliTaZ 4.Version 1.Version Ultimate Editio n 3. Avira Antivir Rescue System.2. 05/24/12 . Pear OS.9. Edubuntu. 04/12/12 . Kaspersky Rescue Disk. 06/21/12 . XBMCbuntu. WifiWay 3. and Trisquel Me nu entries. and Ub untu Desktop DVD 12.Version Added Chakra 2012 and BackBox Linux entries. 04/27/12 . 1. .04 Beta. 01/11/12 . Ubuntu Studio. 02/12/12 .8.7. 02/18/12 .7: Added Baltix Linux entries. 04/05/12 .8. 01/13/12 . Remove Hash Check fro m Liberte config.9: Added Fedora 17. Add Ubuntu Rescue Remix 11.1 and OSGeo Live.9. 04/30/12 .Version 1.0: Added Live Antivirus Rescue CDs.04 entries. 02/13/12 .9.1: Fix Ubuntu Server "Failed to copy file from CD-R OM" Error.0.10 entry. Fix Kaspersky Rescue Disk entry.Version 1.8. Fixed Puppy Persistence feature via pmedia=usbflash.10 naming and version .7: Update to use Newer Syslinux version 4.8. Backtrack 5R2.Version 1. Update Def t 7 entry. and XBMCbuntu 11. and have resolved the issue).9.8: Updated to correct Tails 0.0.rive). Kubuntu.04 until upstream Syslinux 4.8. and WifiWay 3.0. LinHES.8. Modify Hiren's entry t o use ISO instead of Zip. 02/10/12 . 03/08/12 .9: Added Debian Netinst.8.8.9: Wildcard Ubuntu 12.9.Version 1.7.0 4 entries.6: Rename Linux Mint entries to avoid confusion. Corrected Ubuntu Stu dio 12.2: Added BlehOS.Version 1.8. and Liberte 2012. Ad ded Ubuntu Desktop DVD and Ubuntu Alternate 12. Bitdefender Rescue CD.04 32/64 bit entries.3: Fixed OpenSUSE "No Devices Matches MBR Identifie r" error. Update Oph crack entry. Add Liberte entry. 03/19/12 . Upd ate EEEbuntu entry to Aurora. F-Secure Rescue CD. 06/03/12 .8. 06/11/12 . and Deepin Linux entries.0: Added Ubuntu 12.1. Updated Debian Live entries. 05/01/12 .8.8.8: Added Linux Mint 12 LXDE.x. Satux.3: Added Knoppix V7 CD entry.04.Version 1.8. 03/08/12 .0. Tails 0.Version 1.2: Update to support TAILS 0.1: Added Netrunner 4.7: Updated to support Ubuntu 12.Version 1. Update Sources.8. and newer Arch linux Dual entries.8. and SolusOS entries.0. and Knoppix 7. Added wattOS. and Lubuntu 12.

Version 1.3. Gentoo 64bit.1.05. and Linux Mint Debian 201109.1).3. Fixed Lucid Puppy config to allow saving.6.8.Version 1.1. Added Fatdog64 entry.9: Fixed Broken Linux Mint 10 options.0.1: Updated to support BCCD .Version 1.8. Rename TE MP to TEMPUUI.5.4.Version 1.6.0: Added Fedora 15 and Sn0wL1nuX 11 entries. Added Zorin OS.5: Updated to support WifiWay 2. Fix Ubuntu 11.6. 10/13/11 . 05/22/11 .4.8.1: Added support for Kubuntu and Ubuntu 10.7: Added Backtrack 5. 01/01/12 . Edubuntu 11.6.0. 05/03/11 .Version 1.8.7. 10/10/11 . added support for Wary Puppy 5.8.3. 05/27/11 .Version 1.04. and doudoulinux gondwana.8. Debian 6. and all Fedora 15 32/64 bit variants.4: Added Dreamlinux. and YLM F OS.7. 12/01/11 .0: Corrected Kubuntu 11.10.8.Version 1.8.2 and Plasma Active Basyskom. .Version 1. 08/01/11 .1.5: Updated to support Mandriva 2011 and Elemetary O S.9: Added Rescatux.Version 1. and Sabayon L inux entries.6.5.Version 1.6: Added Trinity Rescue Kit.04.8.8. 09/07/11 . 11/23/11 . 08/10/11 . 06/01/11 . 11/18/11 . D yne:bolic 3.8. Updated t o support XBMC ISO.5. 08/18/11 .10. 11/27/11 .Version 1.4. 12/15/11 . Adde d support for CentOS 6.6.4: Switch to Syslinux 4. Lubuntu 11.Version 1. Added Le enux.8.Version 1. up dated to support Blackbuntu 0. 07/23/11 . Uberstudent.11. 08/05/11 .04. 07/05/11 .7.8.4: Updated to support Lucid Puppy 5.Version 1. and LPS.8.8.1. Switch to use new Syslinux 4.Version 1.3 and Racy Puppy. and Peppermint Two entrie s.0. 06/27/11 . 11/10/11 .8. 06/16/11 . Linux Mint 11 RC entries.6: Updated to support newer Tiny Core Linux.3: Updated to support Parted Magic 2011_11_24 and P inguy OS 11. and up dated Pinguy OS entry to 11.Version 1. 06/01/11 . added support for Debian 64 bit ISOs.8: Updated to support Xubuntu 11.Version 1.6.1 Gnome and KDE e ditions.Bootable Cluster CD.5. 05/18/11 .8.6. and OpenSUSE 11.1: Updated Linux Mint 11.6: Updated to support CentOS 6. If the entry is wildcarde d.5.8.04 Installer entries.Version 1.04.04 download link.04 amd64 Installer ISO.2: Updated to support Linux Mint 12 and Pardus Linu x. Clonezilla.8: Added DRBL (Diskless Remote Boot in Linux). and Deft Linux.4.8. 05/11/11 .3. Knoppix 6. and Ubuntu Studio 11.8. 06/13/11 .8. added Micro Core Linux.5.Version 1.8. Linux Mint 11 LXDE.2.Version 1. 09/20/11 . Include ability to sel ect Ubuntu Server 11.Version 1. and Porteus entries. Added Wary Puppy Linux. 05/24/11 .10.6: Updated to support newest Linux XP Like.8: Added Bodhi.0 .Version 1.2.5. and Ubuntu Studio.7: Updated to support newest Sabayon Linux.5: Added SalineOS.8. Updated Debian Entries t o support 6.Version 1.Version 1. Derivativ es will follow in the next revision.8. Ubuntu Server.6. and the 64 bit versions of Linux Mint Debian.0: Updated to support OpenSUSE 12.Version 1.8. 10/08/11 .Version 1.Version 1.8.6. and partedmagic 11.2: Added Sn0wL1nuX 11 64bit.7.Version 1. Porteus 1.Version 1.9: Updated to support Fedora 16.3: Fixed wildcard issues.2: Updated to include persistence for Peppermint Tw o entry.4 LXDE entries. Meego.3: Updated to use newer syslinux for UBCD.7: Quick updated to support Ubuntu 10/14/11 . Kubuntu 11.8.Version 1.10. Elementary Unleashed (Dorian 1.10 download link.8. Append to warning that a Pendrive Label is to be created. Update Gparted and Parted Magic Ent . you must browse to the exact distro you wish to use.Version 1.0. Support Debian Live 6.11.01/05/12 .

re-added missing Ubuntu 9.4. 01/27/11 . Kubuntu. 01/18/11 .Version 1. Added Acronis Resc ue CD menu entry. LXDE entries.Version 1.3.3. Browse now opens to the d irectory the tool is run from.2. 01/03/11 . 01/17/11 . 02/06/11 . fixed Ubuntu Server 1 0.Version 1.10 entry.Version 1.8.0: Update to support Lucid Puppy Linux 5.8.Version 1.3. Combined both warning notifications into one.4. XFCE.3.5: Fix Puppy 4. Lubunt u. Removed broken Ubuntu Netbook Remix 11.Version 1. T(A)ILS .Version 1.2: Updated to support Puppy Arcade 10.x.8: Update Easus Disk Copy entry. Edubuntu.3.2. added Peppermint Ice entry.Version 1. added Edubuntu a nd Lighthouse Pup 01/23/11 .6: Update to support Joliclud Joli-OS-1.4.9: Update to support Ubuntu 11. set cluster size in acc ordance to partition size.1: Added Kon-Boot menu entry.3.Version 1. 01/25/11 . 03/22/11 .2. 02/04/11 .Version 1. 32/64 bit Li nux Mint Debian.3: Updated to support PartedMagic 5.Version 1. Xubuntu. Corrected syslinux config paths for Debian.4. Fix to detect the correct size of Ubuntu Mini Remix.5: Update to support DrWeb LiveCD 600. 01/19/11 . Wildcard Blackbuntu entry to support multiple v ersions.4.P rivate Browsing via TOR Network.3: Updated to support ArchBang.Version 1.04. 04/28/11 . Added EASUS Disk Copy.2.04 Beta.4: Added Ubuntu.8. 04/23/11 .10 Entry.8. Forc e Close of all Open Explorer Windows before running fat32 format.2.8. Linux Mint XFCE.ries.8.3. 02/18/11 .2.2.8. Updated Gparted Entry.7: Update to support WifiWay 2.ISO.Version 1.Version 1. 04/04/11 .4: Update to support Ubuntu 10.2: Added OpenSUSE 11.3.1 Entry.5. added Android x86 menu entry.Version 1. ArtistX. 03/10/11 .8. 03/10/11 . 01/08/11 .Version 1.Version 1.1: Added PING (Partimage Is Not Ghost). Add Linux Mint 10 KDE. 04/06/11 . Added ability to se t Persistent Size for Ubuntu variants via a Slider. G Data Antivirus.5: Added Linux Mint Debian XFCE. Re moved fat32 format option for drives smaller than 512MB. and Windows 7 Installer. and Mythbuntu 11.Version 1.6: Combined 32/64 bit Menu entries where possible t o reduce clutter. 04/16/11 .04 AMD64 entry.8.8.8.Version 1.8. 01/21/11 . Allow Linux M int 10 CD or DVD ISO selection.8.Version Added Panda Safe CD "Standalone Antivirus Scanne r" Entry. 05/01/11 .4.3.04 as desktop and net book version are now unified. 01/31/11 .9: Updated Puppy "Lupu entries.3.2" Entry.8.3: Fixed Peppermint One entry.Version 1.Version 1.2. .8.8. 04/08/11 .8. 04/27/11 . LXDE. and Macbuntu 11. All PCLinux 2010.8 and BlackBunt u.7: Added Mythbuntu 10.Version 1. Added to support Windows Vista Installer.8.0: Added Debian Live KDE.8: Added Qimo 4 kids 2 and DouDouLinux Entries.2.4 entry.

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