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MT- Administration-Objective & Background

Tata Steel has introduced a new Scheme to help and develop a Cadre for
Administrative Trainees to cater to the companys increasing need and meet the challenges of Managing the external environment/stakeholders , which

has become critical for sustaining growth & new projects

1. With Greenfield, Raw Material and other expansion projects in progress at Tata Steel , there is a need to develop people who are equipped to deal with Govt / Community interface issues. 2. Further, Interactions with the community, government and stakeholders are becoming more intense/ complex across the all locations

Role offered

Relationship Management (with bureaucrats, politicians, diplomats, media and other opinion leaders) through regular

interaction and communication. Image Building - Carry out activities for enhancing brand of the company amongst various stakeholders
Approvals from Government officials/ bodies Apply & Pursue applications for approval in time and as per rules. Influencing Policy formulation with the Government

Quality & Process Improvement activities within the Function

Career Plan
Customized Training Planned & coordinated centrally First tenured position across the company in the identified Administration roles Review based on 6 months performance on the job 6 months After training completion (depending on vacancy across the company ) Confirm probation after 1 year ( 6 months induction + 6 months Onthe -Job)

Second Rotation to the next cluster in the administration cluster

Promotion to the higher depending on vacancy & selection

On completion of 3 years of service

> 3 years