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The book that I come to expose is called the Arabian Nights This book is a celebrated collection of short stories

in Arabic of Middle East. The compiler and translator of these stories into Arabic is supposedly the storyteller Allah Muhammed who lived in the ninth century. TIME: Is in which the Persians were still under the regime of the dynasties SPACE: Middle East Below I will show they a parody of the book: This book is about a sultan called Schahriar realizes his wife's infidelity and decides to kill her. From there, each day decides to marry a woman with whom you will spend the night, and at dawn she too shall die this as a way to avoid being fooled again. When it is his turn to Shahrazad, who was very clever, she decided to save her life. For this, she plan that every night he would count a story to the Sultan, and that she interrupt the history when dawn. The next video One story that was told Shahrazad let's see below. The Sultan intrigued by the outcome of the stories, spares his life and so it goes for a thousand and one nights. The sultan and she had three sons.

Translator: transleirol Arabian :errebia Middle: midol East: ist Called: colled Into: intiu Regime: regim dynasties: dainastis celebrated: celebreited decides: desaids whom: Gum called cold avoid: evoid Mujer: sharazad Decided: disaided Save: seb Interrump: interranpt