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furious (/fjris/ There is a furious struggle going on between the two presidential candidates.

robust (/rou'b st/ The lifeguard was in excellent physical condition. I had never seen anyone more robust.)

1. Extremely angry 2. using a lot of effort or strength

Strong and healthy; vigorous; sturdy; sound

Holding fast or tending to hold fast; not yielding; stubborn; strong ( Gan l, ngoan c, bng bnh )

tenacious (/tne.s/ After the dog got the ball, I tried to dislodge it from her tenacious jaws, but Icouldn't.)
vehement (/ vi:..mnt/ Your protest was too mild. If it had been more vehement, the dealer might have paid attention to it.) vigor (/ v.r/ The robust young pitcher performed with his usual vigor for seven innings, but he weakened in the eight and was removed from the game.) default (/di'f:lt/ The Royals must be on the playing field by 4 p.m. If they do not appear, they will lose the game by default.) heedless (/'hi lis/ Before his injury, Mike used to jump from the stairs, heedless of "No Jumping" sign. Now he pays attention to it.) inadvertent (/ n.dv rt.nt Unfortunately, I made an inadvertent remark about Irma's failure while she was present.)

Showing strong feeling; forceful; violent; furious Active strength or force; strength; force; energy Failure to do something required; neglect; negligence
Not taking heed; inattentive; careless; thoughtless; unmindful; reckless

not deliberately, and without realizing what you are doing Negligent; careless; lax
negligent of neatness or order in one's dress, habits, work, etc.; slipshod; sloppy ( nhch nhch, lum thum, cu th)

remiss (/ri'mis/ The owner of the stolen car was himself remiss. He left the keys in the vehicle)
slovenly (/' You would not expect anyone so neat in her personal appearance to be slovenly in her housekeeping.)