ACADEMIA FORŢELOR TERESTRE “NICOLAE BĂLCESCU” – Comisia de admitere – – Sesiunea iulie 2007 –

NESECRET Exemplar unic


I. READING (30 points) Los Angeles Los Angeles today is the second largest city in America spreading over 464 square miles along the southern California coast. It is the center of the entertainment industry, and it has a mild climate of mostly sunny days. But there was a time when Los Angeles was nothing more than a tiny Indian village. The Spanish expedition searching for Monterey Bay camped there one night on August 1, 1769. Twelve years later, other Spaniards started a settlement at the village, which remained unchanged for decades. Yankee sea traders used the settlement as a port, and the California gold rush brought some new economic life to the village, but the town remained quite small. It was not until the completion of the transcontinental railroads in 1869, and the discovery of oil in the 1890s, that the population began to grow. Later, during the two world wars, Los Angeles experienced more growth, in part because of the new airplane industry. At about the same time, the arrival of two New York motion picture producers in search of sunny weather marked the beginning of an entertainment industry that has become a multibillion-dollar industry today. In just the past 100 years, this tiny sea village has grown into the metropolis that we know today. 1. Answer the following questions in no more than 10 words. Do not write complete sentences. a. What is Los Angeles mainly known for? ___________________________________________________________________________ b. What two factors caused the town’s population to begin to grow? ___________________________________________________________________________ c. Name three populations who were important in the history of Los Angeles? ___________________________________________________________________________

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He said he _________ 10 (finish) the next day. k. They complained that they __________ 15 (not earn) enough money. Put the verbs in brackets into the suitable verbal form: a. j. d. q. Whenever I see such friendly behaviour I can’t help _____________6 (think) of my grandma. By the time he comes we __________ 5 (finish) our task. entertainment industry g. the past 100 years II. n. He asked me when I ___________ 13 (come) and why I _________ 14 (not call) him in advance. i. Complete the following sentences with only ONE word There is a time in most children’s lives ______ (1) they have just one best friend. 464 square miles b. 1769 c. He will encourage you to do your __________ (9) .NESECRET 2. f. What you _______ 1 (think) of it? What you _________ 2 (do ) in here? She always ___________ 3 (talk) on the phone when I want to take a nap. e. But ____ (4) as they get older. m. This is my car. according to the text? Answer in no more than 15 words. most people realize that it is actually _____ (5) healthier to have a small circle of good friends with ____ (6) personality types. 2. If it hadn’t been for my friend I _________ 8 (not succeed). o. It _________ 20 (rain) all day today. p. sunny weather f. gold rush d. c. I was pretty sure she ________ 16 (find) the place because I ________ 17(explain) to her quite clearly how I _________18 (get) there the day before. You do not need to write complete sentences. But don’t choose someone who is ___________ (10) competitive. No decision will be made until all candidates __________ 19 (be) interviewed. USE OF ENGLISH (30 points) 1. I wish I ________ 9 (not attend) that boring conference. two world wars e. What do the following phrases refer to. If he _________ 7 (eat) less he would be healthier. It is the _______ (2) person they are interested _________ (3) and the only person they need. The victims of the accident were helped out of the wreck and the doctor ___ 12 (send) for. You need at least one wild friend _____ (7) encourages you to ______ (8) something really expensive. g. I wonder if Mary _____________4 (reach) home yet. We were told that they __________ 11 (arrive) two days before. a. The friend helps you with your career. l. August 1. h. b. NESECRET 2 din 5 .

c. Toate subiectele sunt obligatorii. Răspunsurile se scriu pe foaia de concurs. Nina CRĂCIUN Prof. WRITING (30 points) You have had an accident and you are in hospital.univ.dr.dr. Adela IACOB Prof.c. NOTĂ: Timp de lucru: 90 minute. Maria POPOVICIU Asist.c. Lect.univ. Maria-Elena SUCIU NESECRET 3 din 5 .univ. Se acordă 10 puncte din oficiu. Do not include any addresses. Laura ARAPU OPERARE PC P.c. Include the following points: • what happened • how you feel • plans for the future Your letter should be 15 lines long (150 words). Mihaela CĂBULEA Prof. Gabriela MIHĂILĂ-LICĂ Prof. Your name is Tom and you are writing to Mike. Ilie GLIGOREA P. Write a letter to a friend. nefiind necesară transcrierea integrală a textului de la I şi II. CADRE DIDACTICE DE SPECIALITATE: Lect. Georgeta OBILIŞTEANU Marioara PATEŞAN Prof.NESECRET III.dr.

the period in / during which the village has grown into a metropolis II.0 p 3.0 p 2 . 15.0 p 1.0 p 3.0 p 3.0 p 3. 20.0 p 1.0 p 3. 2 1.NESECRET ACADEMIA FORŢELOR TERESTRE NESECRET “NICOLAE BĂLCESCU” unic . 8.0 p 1.0 p 1.0 p 3. Yankees/Americans/American population a. 11.0 p 1. the completion of the transcontinental railroads. 13.dr. USE OF ENGLISH 1. READING a. the reason why New York film / motion picture producers came to Los Angeles f. the discovery of oil c.0 p 30 p 1. 14.0 p 3. 4.Sesiunea iulie 2007 – Exemplar APROB PREŞEDINTELE COMISIEI Col.0 p 1.0 p 1. 16. Spanish population/Spaniards. Indian population/Indians.0 p 1.0 p 3.0 p 1. Benoni SFÂRLOG BAREM DE CORECTARE PENTRU PROBA I – LIMBA ENGLEZĂ PART I.univ.Comisia de admitere .0 p 3. 18.0 p 1. 5. 9.0 p 1. the area/surface of Los Angeles b.0 p 1.0 p 1. 17.0 p 1.0 p 1. the event that brought new economic growth to the village d. 2.0 p 1. the period that brought more growth / the new airplane industry e. do you think are you doing is always talking has reached will have finished thinking ate wouldn’t have succeeded had not attended would finish had arrived was sent had come had not called didn’t earn / were not earning / hadn’t earned would find had explained had got are / have been has rained / has been raining when NESECRET 4 din 5 1 30 p 3. 3. 19.0 p 1. prof.0 p 1. 6. 10. a multibillion – dollar industry g. the date when the Spanish expedition camped at Monterey Bay c. 12.0 p 1. 1. 7. (the) entertainment industry b.0 p 1.

Gabriela MIHĂILĂ-LICĂ Prof.0 p 1. Maria-Elena SUCIU Prof. WRITING 1. 4.univ. 7.0 p 30 p 12.5 p Îndeplinirea cerinţelor Organizare Vocabular Structuri gramaticale Punctuaţie şi ortografie OFICIU 10 p TOTAL Lect.dr. Marioara PATEŞAN Prof.0 p 1.0 p 1. Mihaela CĂBULEA 100 p NESECRET 5 din 5 .NESECRET 2.0 p 2. 10.0 p 2.univ. 5. only / one in as / when much / even / far different / various who / that buy / get / acquire / purchase best / duty / job too / less / very / extremely / highly PART III. 6. 8. 3. Georgeta OBILIŞTEANU Prof.0 p 8.0 p 1.0 p 1.0 p 1. Laura ARAPU Lect. Adela IACOB Prof.0 p 1.0 p 1.5 p 5.univ.dr. Maria POPOVICIU Asist. 9.dr.

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