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Albuterol (Proventil, Ventolin, Volmax) [Bronchodilator/ Adrenergic] Uses: *Asthma; prevent exercise-induced bronchospasm*

Action: -Adrenergic sympathomimetic bronchodilator; relaxes bronchial smooth muscle Dose: Adults. Inhaler: 2 inhal q46h PRN; 1 Rotacap inhaled q46h PO: 24 mg PO tidqid. Neb: 1.255 mg (0.251 mL of 0.5% soln in 23 mL of NS) tidqid Peds. Inhaler: 2 inhal q46h PO: 0.10.2 mg/kg/dose PO; max 24 mg PO tid Neb: 0.05 mg/kg (max 2.5 mg) in 23 mL of NS tidqid Caution: [C, +] Disp: Tabs, syrup, mcg-met-dose inhaler, soln for neb 0.083, 0.5% SE: Palpitations, tach, nervousness, GI upset Interactions: Effects W/ other sympathomimetics; CV effects W/ MAOI, TCA, inhaled anesthetics; effects W/ BBs; effectiveness OF insulin, oral hypoglycemics, digoxin EMS: Monitor HR, BP, S/Sxs bronchospasm & CNS stimulation; instruct on use of inhaler OD: Exaggerates common adverse Rxns, including angina, hypertension, hypokalemia, and Szs; treat using selective BBs w/ extreme cautionmay induce asthma attack