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Vice Presidents of India - List of Vice-Presidents of India

Author: Administrator Saved From: This article contains the List of Vice-Presidents of India along with detailed information about them.

VICE-PRESIDENTS OF INDIA Time Period 1952-1962 1962-1967 1967-1969 1969-1974 1974-1979 1979-1984 1984-1987 1987-1992 1992-1997 1997-2002 2002-207 2007 August 9 - Till Date Vice-President's Name S. Radhakrishnan Zakir Hussain V. V. Giri G. S. Pathak B.D. Jatti Md. Hidayatullah R. Venkataraman Dr. S.D. Sharma K.R. Narayanan Krishan Kanth Bhairon Singh Shekawath Mohammad Hamid Anzari

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