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1.My family and are going to Singapore next week. A me B I C we 2.Sheila bought handbag from Mid Valley Megamal. A she B her C hers 3.Kelvin took bath five minutes ago. A him B he C his 4.My parents like to jog every evening. usually jog around the park. A Them B They C He

5.I gave back book to yesterday. A his...he B he...him C his...him 6.She told that is not feeling well. A we...she B us...she C us...her 7.Ali and Ah Seng are good friends. like to play badminton together. A We B Them C They 8.Guna gave friends a treat on birthday. A his...him B his...his C his...he 9.The robbers told to keep quiet or else would harm us. A we...they B us...he C us...they

10.The cat chased own tail. A it B its C its 11.Siti is wearing raincoat. A she B hers C her 12.must study hard so that can have a good future. 13.A We...we B C We...I 14.13.Mr. Larson donated all money to the poor. He wanted to help . A his...they B his...them C him...they 14.If you see James, could you pass this book to ? A he B his C him

15.The villagers asked to rest first before continuing my journey. A me B I C my 16.Danny broke mothers beautiful vase accidently. A he B his C him 17.Miss Lim asked students to sweep the floor. A she B hers C her