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July 29-August 2, 2013

Spend time in Gods Word each day this week. Allow Him to guide your path and prepare you for the weekend Bible Study. MONDAY Read James 2:10-13 What does verse 10 say about Gods passion for your righteous behavior? What does it say about God? Spend time today in prayer and meditation, confessing your sins before God. Read Matthew 5:19 How serious does God take leading others down a wrong path? List the ways your behaviors are affecting those around you today. In prayer and meditation, ask God to help you become a representative of His with your dealings everyday, and not one who resembles and represents the world. Read James 2:10-13 How do you often make exceptions for your weak areas? Why is the sinful? List your strength areas and your weak areas. Take this list in prayer with you today and thank God for your strengths and then admit your weaknesses before God. Allow Him to be your strength in these areas. Read James 2:10-13 Do you take your day to day life as serious as verse 12 makes it out to be? How is your speech today? How about this week? Does it glorify God? What is the law that sets you free? Has it? In prayer and meditation today, present your language and your overall conversations to God. Allow Him to change your heart and ultimately your mouth. Read James 2:10-13 Does God take our mercy seriously? How are we to be merciful? What does it say about someone who is a Christian who is not merciful? In prayer and meditation today, look at your attitude and how you treat others. Thank God today for being merciful to you, who doesnt deserve it, and then extend that same mercy to those in your life who may not deserve it.