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1. In 2011, antiabortion group championed a string of successful measures.

2. A law that requires physicians to perform a sonogram 24 hours in advance of an abortion. They are trying to do more to restrict abortions.

8. Lawmakers approved a similar 4. Other way like a rule that denies fetal pain bill that financing to planned would ban abortions Parenthood from a ANTI-ABORTION after 20 weeks and a Medicaid subsidiary measure to prevent GROUPS PUSH called the Womens health care providers Health Program. NEW ROUND OF affiliated with abortion clinics to be 9. Sonogram law, ABORTION paid with Medicaid that would require 5. Texas money. law prohibits doctors to be RULES IN abortions during the present to TEXAS third trim ester unless administer the two the health or life of the prescription drugs mother is at stake or if used to induce there are fetal abortions during the abnormalities. first 7 weeks of pregnancy. 7. Another anti-abortion 6. Naral Pro-Choice group continue to deny Texas group would fight financing to Planned any such bills, adding Parenthood by banning that decisions about health clinics affiliated with abortion should be left abortion providers from to women, their families participating in the states and their physicians.

3. Tighten the restrictions on abortion doctors by requiring them to be present to administer abortioninducing drugs.