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CITIZENSHIP Citizenship has become one of the most important political ideas of our time. It is an idea that at once recognises the individual's entitlement to rights and the collective responsibilities on which stable governance rests. In this clear and comprehensive overview of the subject Keith Faulks explores citizenship’s historical and conceptual origins, its contemporary dilemmas and its eman- cipatory potential for the future. Among the questions the author addresses are: * Can citizenship exist without the nation-state? * What should the balance be between our and ¢ Should we enjoy group as well as indivi i 2 © Is citizenship relevant to our private as well as our_ public lives? © Have processes of rendered citizenship redundant? Keith Faulks is Subject Leader in Politics at the University of Central Lancashire. KEY IDEAS SERIES EDITOR: PETER HAMILTON, THE OPEN UNIVERSITY, MILTON KEYNES Designed to complement the successful Key Sociologists, this series covers the main coricepts, issues, debates, and controversies in sociology and the social sciences. The series aims to provide authoritative essays on central topics of social science, such as community, power, work, sexuality, inequality, benefits and ideology, class, family, etc. Books adopt a strong individual ‘line’ constituting original essays rather than literary surveys, and form lively and original treatments of their subject matter. The books will be useful to students and teachers of sociology, political Science, economics, psychology, philosophy, and geography. Anti-racismm Moral Panics ALASTAIR BONNETT KENNETH THOMPSON Class Postmodernity STEPHEN EDGELL BARRY SMART Consumption Racism ROBERT BOCOCK ROBERT MILES Culture Risk CHRIS JENKS DEBORAH LUPTON Globalization Sexuality MALCOLM WATERS JEFFREY WEEKS Lifestyle The Symbolic Construction of DAVID CHANEY Community Mass Media ANTHONY P. COHEN PIERRE SORLIN CITIZENSHIP Keith Faulks SLE oy