IELTS - General GLOSSARY (720words

Check the meaning of the following words in an English dictionary: (* indicates the words with high probability to be included in the IELTS tests) A assured* abbreviation ability* abroad* academic* access* accommodation* accurate* acknowledge acquaintance* adapt* addition* adequate* adjust* admission* advantage* advertise* advisable* affordable* agent* aisle* alternative* ambition* analogy* analysis* announcement* annoy* annually anticipate* anxious* appeal* appendix* appliance* appreciate* approach* appropriate* approve approximate* arcade* argument* arrangement* array* article* artificial* aspect* assemble* assess* asset* assignment* associate* D damage* danger* database deadline debate decade decision* declaration* decline* degree* demerit demonstration* density department* deposit* descending* describe* desirable* desperate* despite* destroy* detail* deter* determine* development* diction* diploma* directory* disaster* discussion* distinguish* diversity documentary* domestic dot-matrix* double-click* draft* dramatic* drawback drought* E ecology economic* editor* effective* efficient* elderly* elective* electronic*

atmosphere* auditorium* audio-visual* auxiliary* average* avid* avoid* B babysit* balanced* ban* bargains* basic* basis behaviour* behind-the-scenes* beverage* bicentenary* blockbuster* bracelet* brooch* brainstorm broadcast budget* C cabin* call* campus* canoe* cancel canteen* capable* capacity* capital* catalogue catastrophe cater* caution celebration* celsius* ceremony* chaotic* characteristic* check-in* circuit* classify click* client* climate*

co-ordinate* colleague* collide* colloquial* combine* commit* commonplace* communicate* commuter* comparison* compatible* competent* compile complex* complicate* compose* comprehensive comprise* compulsory* conceive concern* conclusive conduct* conscience* conservation constant* consultation* consumer* constitute* consultation* context contradict contrast convict* copyright* core* corporation* correspond cosmopolitan* counsellor* course* craft* creature* credit critical* criticize* cultural* curriculum cyclic*

IELTS .General GLOSSARY Page 2 eligible* elongated* emphasis* enable* encourage* endangered* endearing* enormous* enrol* ensure* enthusiast* entitle* environment* equipment* essential* establish* ethnic* evaluation evidence example* exceptional* exclusive* exhibit* expense* expiry* extensive* extent* extract* extracurricular extrovert* F facility* factor faculty* familiar* fascinate* fatal feature* feedback field* fieldwork file-server financial* finite first-hand flowchart flourish* focus folder* forecast* foremost former formulate fortify* forum foundation fragile function* fundamental funds* G gender* generalise generation* global* gourmet* graduate* graphic* guidebook* H habitat* hail* hardware* heading* hectare* hectic* hemisphere hinder* homestay* hospitality* hotline* I icon* identification* illustrated* illegal* immediate* immense impact impression* improvement* inaccurate* inadequate* income inconvenience* increase* incur* independent indicate* influence* inform* ingredient* injustive* innovative* instance* intake instruct* intensive* intersection* intimate* intimate* introvert invalid* invariably* inversely* investigation* involve* irrelevant issue J jealousy* jet-lag* journal* judgement junction* justification* K keynote* kilometre* kinesiology* knowledge* L laboratory* labour* lack* landlocked* lapel* laser* latter lease* lecture* legible leisure* lesser* licence* limited* linguistics* location lodgings* long-term* lush* M magnificent* maintain* major* majority* mammal* manage* manual* manufacture* marketing marvellous* materials* maternity* maximum* maximise minimise minimum* media* medium* micro minor migrate* minus minute* model* modem* modified* monorail* multicultural* N national* native* natural* negative necessary* necessity* nervous* northbound* notify numerous nutrition* 0 obtain* observant* official* offshore* opinion* opponent opportunity* optimism optimum option* organise* orientation* original* outgoing* outline outlet* outnumber* overall* overlook* overview* P panic* particular* passage* password* pastime* pastoral* .

pitfall* placement plot* plus policy politics* poll positive* possession* possibility* post-mortem* postgraduate* postpone potential* practical* predator* predict* preference* preliminary* premises* pressure* primary* principal* printout* priority* procedure* process* profile* programme* progress* project* proposal prosperity* protest* psychology* purchase* Q qualification* quality* query* questionnaire* queue* quote* R radiation range* ranking rapid* ratio react realistic reality* receipt* reception* recession* reduce* reference* reflect* refund* refute* regards* region* registration* regular* regulation* relatively* relevant reliable* remote* represent* reputable* request require* research* resemble* reserved* resource* respondent* response* responsible* restriction* result* review* revise* rigours* role-play* roster* route* S safety* sample scales* scan scene* schedule* scope* score* sculptor* section* security selection* self-confident* semester seminar* sensible* sensitive* separate sequence series* service* session* sharemate* short-term* shrink* significant* similarity* situation* skill* skim software* source* specialise* specific* standard* state* statement* stationery* stationary statistics steep* stickers* stress* style* succeed* sufficient* suggestion* summary* supplement* survey* syllabus symbol* synthetic* system* T technical* technique* technology* teller* tend* terraced* tertiary* timetable* topic* tradition* transaction* transfer* trend* trial* tuition* tutor* tutorial* U undergraduate unique* update* upgrade* upkeep* utilise* V value* varied* variety various* vary* vast* vegetarian* venue* vehicle* viable virus* vital vocabulary* vying* W well-equipped* widespread* witness* worldwide workforce workshop X x-axis Y y-axis yield Z zone* .IELTS .General GLOSSARY Page 3 patron* pattern* pause* per* percentage* period* permanent* personal* persuade petition* pie chart.

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