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The text trail

The text trail

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The text trail
The text trail

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The text trail

Text Message 25 Jan 2013 8:58

I sent you a few messages last night, one was me saying that the doctor booked me off and wanted to me to come back today for tests we could not do yesterday and X-ray results. I am told that you are looking for me, tells me that you did’t get my messages. I will come and see once I am done.
25 Jan 2013 13:22

That was not consensual...
25 Jan 2013 14:07

Now I am starting to feel that you hired me, merely based on my looks, I’m not ok. But I’ll be fine. I am sorry if I gave you ideas. You are so wrong I’m worried please tell me I don’t have a reason to, then I’ll let it go...


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